Congratulations! You Have a 3-Year-Old!


Congratulations! You have a 3-year-old!


So, you survived the terrible two’s, didn’t ya? Wasn’t so bad? Well…congratulations, you now have a 3-year-old. As my son is wrapping up his 3rd year of life, I thought I would help you out with some tips on raising a 3-year-old.  

  • If you sit down to eat, they will have to poop immediately.
  • They will lay down anywhere and everywhere, as shown in the picture.  Grocery stores, parades, etc.
  • If you happen to stick a few extra toothbrushes in your purse in the bathroom at the orthodontist, your kid will inevitably ask about them and bust you while you’re talking to the receptionist. (Those braces cost me some change, I’m taking some toothbrushes, darn it!) 
  • When you go out to eat, your child will have to use the restroom AS SOON AS the food is put on the table. You won’t even get to eat a hot meal at a restaurant, let alone at home.  
  • If you go to a public pool, your kid will indeed have to poop. Probably multiple times, too.  Just be glad they aren’t peeing in the pool…or maybe not.  
  • If you’re making waffles (or any food for that matter) and they state they don’t want one, make it anyway. They will want one as soon as you sit down to take your first bite.  
  • If you let them play with the water hose in the backyard unattended for a few minutes, they will stick it down the pipe that goes to your furnace on the side of the house. Don’t ask how I know this, it’s still a sensitive subject over here…

Three-year-olds are fun stuff.  Multiple times a day I think to myself: I should really warn Moms about this! So consider this my warning. What else would you add to this list to help some Moms out?  


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