Connecting with your Neighbors


Now that we are all spending more time at home (or all of our time), it’s the perfect opportunity to intentionally connect with the people who are living through these unique times right next door, on your street, and even in your own backyard. Maybe you have smiled and waved or had a quick conversation in passing, but now these neighbors may be the only ones you see on a regular basis besides your own family.


Here are some fun ways to connect and interact with your neighbors and build community, regardless of the situations we may find ourselves in now or in the future:

• Kids can play Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, or even Pictionary on a glass storm door. Get a window marker and kids can play away on either side of the glass.
• Chalk someone’s driveway or sidewalk with fun pictures and messages to brighten their day.
• Draw a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of your house for everyone to enjoy while they are out walking.
• Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt where everyone puts the same type of image in their window. As families walk through the neighborhood, they can count how many they find.
• Have a meal “together” in the backyard. Pull tables up to the fence if your neighbors are close in proximity and you can pretend you are eating at one long table!
• Have a “distanced” happy hour in a driveway or backyard.
• Plant a flower or vegetable garden on your property line so you can share the work, beauty, and bounty.
• Drop a surprise on someone’s doorstep, a special treat, new sidewalk chalk, or bubbles.
• Send a text when you are heading to a store for essentials to see if they need anything while you are out.
• Cleaning out and organizing? Offer unwanted toys to a neighbor whose kids may enjoy a new thing to play with.
• Paint some rocks and leave them in places around the neighborhood. It will be a fun surprise for others to find.

Most importantly, get creative! It’s so easy to stay in our houses and just try to survive. Take this opportunity to really connect and build lasting relationships with your neighbors. Someday soon, you will be drinking those margaritas without a fence in between and enjoying dinner and playdates together inside your homes.


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