Country Day Trips


I love spending time in the country.  I love the quiet, simplicity and beauty.  That being said, I also love my life in close proximity to the city.  The great thing is; I don’t have to choose.  One of the best things about the city of Cincinnati is how much activity it has to offer from the city perspective, but the county is only a short day trip away as well.  Here are some day trip suggestions that are well worth the drive and which will absolutely take you back in time.  (Note: These are not “active” destinations.  These locations are about the quiet and the scenery.)

Augusta Ferry on the Ohio River
Augusta Ferry on the Ohio River

Augusta, KY –
Augusta is a small river town about a 45 minute drive south of Cincinnati. You could take the AA highway, which is probably the fastest route, but I discourage that as part of this experience is in the travel. Instead, choose Scenic Route 9, which winds along the KY side of the river and is a beautifully relaxing drive. Or choose 52 on the OH side of the river. This option will require you to utilize the Augusta Ferry to cross the Ohio River, but that alone is a fun experience for the kids. Seeing the small town of Augusta from this approach is well worth the ferry charge.  Once you get there, what you see is what you get. The architecture is beautiful and it’s fun to day dream as you walk around the town. There are some local restaurants and small stores, but I recommend packing a picnic lunch to enjoy in one of the shady green spaces right on the river.

Augusta does have a few events every year that can add to your adventure (Art in the Garden is held annually in the Spring), but the point of this trip is just to get away from it all for an afternoon.


The Fireside Inn
The Fireside Inn

Enochsburg, IN – The Fireside Inn
This one is west of Cincinnati, off of the New Point exit of I-74. It’s a VERY small farm town that feels largely untouched by modern times. This town has a special place in my heart as it is where my grandmother grew up and where I spent some time every summer growing up. There is not really anything to “do” here, but if you enjoy the scenery that comes with the country, it is beautiful. It has a covered bridge, corn fields, cattle, old churches and cemeteries. But, the main reason you should go is to eat at The Fireside Inn.

The menu is simple (mostly fried food) and the restaurant has also been primarily untouched by time. However, the fried chicken served at this place are really yummy. Between the down home cooking and the old water pump outside, this destination will redefine what it means to have a family dinner in this day and age.


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