COVID-19 Positivity: Time to Make Some Lemonade


COVID-19 is changing lives.

It’s changing how we build and maintain relationships. It’s changing how consumers are buying. It’s changing businesses. It’s changing family dynamics. It’s changing social groups. There are many things that are changing dramatically and people are being affected left, right, and center.

So now what? Now is the time to see what things you can tweak, change, or develop so that you and your family can not only make it through this time, but surpass it.

These things happen and they do eventually go away, or we adapt. We adapt with the help of medicine, with being creative, with the willingness to adapt, and with staying strong and growing from the process. This is how evolution happens and it’s inevitable, and we know in evolution that the strongest survive.

This doesn’t mean physical or mental strength. Much of this strength refers to age, genetics, health, nutrition, and habitat/environment. Mentally, we have the ability to stay as positive as possible, in which you do hear the stories that mind over matter is what saved their life or got them walking again.


Now is the time to be as creative as you can be. Think outside the box!

For small businesses, can you unite with other businesses to help each other grow? For example:

  • Ask a small business that is still open during quarantine or online if you can display/sell your products for a split or percentage of the profits. (Bartering has always been here, but it’s now going to be used more than ever.)
  • Take your business online! (This is huge and increasing more than ever.)

Now is the time to get to know your kids, wife, husband, etc. more and do things with them. You might not go back to work for a long time and your kids may still be at home with you daily 24/7 for another month or more. Here are some family-friendly activities:

  • Workout with them
  • Do housework, projects, or games together. Do something you’ve always wanted to do with them.
  • Have timers for you to transition to different areas of the house. For example in a 3-bedroom house: mom upstairs in a bedroom, husband in Garage, kids in the dining room. Set the timer for 30-45 minutes and move to another room for another activity when the timer goes off. Do it again, and then have snacks or lunch together. After lunch, go outside so the kids can have recess. You can work in the garden, workout, meditate or whatever you want for your own health and personal development.
  • Do weekly challenges with family: reading challenges, fitness challenges, cooking challenges, obstacle course challenges, dance challenges, presentation challenges, etc.

Now is the time to work on yourself!

How’s your nutrition? How’s your fitness? How’s your financial health? How’s your spiritual health? How and where are you in all levels of life? What do you need to work on to balance your life?

Use the time you would use to commute to work or work late/overtime for yourself, even if you have kids (no matter the age). Put on something informative, educational, and/or motivating on Youtube.

Or you listen to audiobooks online and listen to other personal development books that will help you grow. Books like:

  • Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek
  • Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robins
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Dr.Shad Helmstetter
  • Daring Greatly by Brené Brown
  • Words Can Change Your Brain by Andrew B. Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman
  • The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
  • Compound Effect  by Daren Hardy
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.Covey

Now is the time to work on your resume!

Check and update your personal resume, and I’m not talking about where you worked. Look at it from a different perspective. What do you currently have to offer and what areas can you improve on?

  • What skills do you have?
    • Are you good with Excel?
    • Do you know how to design a website?
    • Are you good with people on the phone?
    • Can you draw really well?
    • Are you good at making things? Sewing? Building? Creating?
  • What things can you work on or learn to do?
    • Are you willing to learn how to create a website?
    • Are you willing to learn how to market on the Internet more?
    • Are you willing to try an online business?
    • Are you willing to learn how to use Excel better?
    • Are you willing to make more products that you have already made and turn it into an online business?
    • Are you willing to XYZ…

Now is your time to shine and grow! 

COVID-19 gave you lemons, SO MAKE LEMONADE! Stay Safe! Stay Home!



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