Crafty Fun for (Nearly) Free: Paper Plates {Series}


Crafty Fun for (Nearly) Free, is a series that explores budget friendly craft activities for kiddos of all ages.  We will show you  how to maximize a few bucks and simple supplies for hours of fun and entertainment!

This edition of Crafty Fun highlights the always fun medium of paper plates.  All of the supplies used in the activities below were purchased at the dollar store or I already had them in the house.  My total cost for everything you see below was only $1.00, because I used odds and ends from around the house and the only thing I bought was paper plates!

All activities below can be used for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids!


IMAG4801What you need: Paper plates, Scissors, Markers, Construction paper, Glue stick

What you do: Color the plate with as much or as little orange as you’d like.  Cut out shapes from black construction paper to create the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth.  Add a stem from either green or brown construction paper and VIOLA!


butterflyWhat you need: Paper plate, Scissors, Construction paper, Glue stick, Stickers, Pipe cleaner

What you do: Fold the paper plate in half and cut out two triangles from each side.  When you open it up, it will look like a butterfly!  Decorate as you wish…we glued on shapes cut out of construction paper and added star stickers.  Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle, twist a couple of times to get it to stay, and curl the ends!  VIOLA!


snake1snake2What you need: Paper plate, Scissors, Markers (we used Do-A-Dots just because we had some), Googly eyes, Glue

What you do: Make a design on the paper plate with markers (or Do-A-Dots).  Cut the paper plate in a circular fashion until you reach the middle, at which point you cut a head-shape for the snake.  (You might want to practice this on a plain plate if you don’t feel confident in your snake-cutting abilities.)  Glue on googly eyes.  VIOLA!


jellyfishWhat you need: Paper plate, Scissors, Watercolor paint, Pipe cleaners, Googly eyes, Glue, Marker

What you do: Cut the bottom off of your paper plate to create a jellyfish head.  Paint the plate with watercolor paint (plain paper plates absorb watercolors really well and will dry super fast).  Cut or punch a few holes in the bottom of the plate for tentacles.  Role each pipe cleaner around your finger to make it curly and attach into the holes.  Glue on googly eyes and draw the rest of your jellyfish’s face with a marker.  VIOLA!


crownWhat you need: Paper plate, Scissors, Markers (We used Do-A-Dots Again), Stickers

What you do: Fold the paper plate in half and make cuts from the folded side like you would slice a pizza, but only cut to the ridges of the plate.  Decorate with markers (or Do-A-Dots) and stickers.  The triangles of the crown will stick up if you bend them slightly forward.  VIOLA!

Bonus Project: Camel

*Brought to you by Milo, age 3*

IMAG4795What you need: The mind of a 3-year-old, Paper plate, Crayons, Scissors

What you do: Make a few snips in the paper plate’s edges.  Make a couple of scribbles on the plate, then declare, “Look mom!  I made a camel!”

The best part of doing this kind of craft project is that you CAN just use whatever you have on hand!  Use the instructions above just as suggestions, and experiment with your own paper plate masterpieces!



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