Creating a Mosquito Repellant Planter


Mosquito PlanerSummer time equals lots of fun things, it also equals lots more time outdoors which is great; however it also equals mosquitoes. Let me tell you, I despise mosquitoes. They do not feel the same way about me though, in fact I think my daughter and I are mosquito magnets who must have some amazingly intoxicating blood that they just cannot resist. Trust me… I would much rather douse myself in bug spray than get bitten, however if I could avoid that, I will happily forgo the bug spray for a more natural alternative. When sitting out on the back deck, I have for years just used citronella candles and truthfully I think they only kind of work. So this left me on a search for what else I could do.

Last spring I was perusing Pinterest, a fond pastime of mine, and I came across mosquito repelling planters. I decided that I would give it a try. Worst case scenario I had pretty planters. The link that I used as guidance must have been using the world’s largest planter because there is no way I could fit that many plants into mine. Instead, I chose 3 different types to put in the main planter and then planted some herbs in another planter which apparently are also mosquito repealing. Last summer I planted citronella, catnip, and lavender. The lavender actually died quickly and was taken over by the catnip, just an FYI. However, it worked! Not only did I never worry about or have mosquito attacks while sitting on my deck; the planter smelled lovely.

The 2014 Mosquito Planter
The 2014 Mosquito Planters

This year, I decided to take out the catnip because of how overwhelming it was last year, so hopefully it was not the secret ingredient. Instead I planted citronella, lemon thyme as well as a little pink flower (oops sorry forgot the name) that the insert said was insect repelling. I have another planter of rosemary and basil right next to the larger planter as well that also work as a mosquito repellant in addition to being yummy herbs for cooking. So far the planter change-up has worked. It’s a nice addition to the aesthetics of the deck and makes hanging out in the evening hours much more pleasant.

The 2015 Planter
The 2015 Planter

Mosquito repelling plants (not all inclusive):

• Citronella
• Lavender
• Catnip
• Marigolds
• Lemon Thyme
• Lemon Grass
• Basil
• Rosemary
• Lemon Balm
• Garlic —This one might not leave the fresh scent you are desiring though

If you give it a try, I would love to hear what you used and if it was successful. Also feel free to share picture with Cincinnati Moms Blog by tagging us on Instagram @cincymomsblog

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