Creating a Winter Brrrrthday Party


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It is always a little more difficult to host the perfect winter birthday party in the Mid-West. The weather always takes the fun away from the winter babies since they do not get to celebrate in the sunny warmth of the other seasons. Nevertheless, this is when parents can put all those pinterest ideas to use.

For my December born babe, I decided to bring summer to him (of course this was after he begged for a winter swim party). The challenge was creating a winter swim party without breaking the bank. To start, I knew it would save money if I hosted the party at our home. That of course excluded the idea of the children actually swimming. My DIY solution was to buy a small indoor pool (on sale since it is not in season) and fill it with small beach balls (again, on sale). This idea worked great because it was a four year old party. For older children, a possible alternative could be hosting an outdoor winter party using swim accessories for sledding.

Printable Credit: Shiny Sparkly Parties on Etsy

Next, as seen above, party printable paper accessories combine the swimming and winter theme. You can find free printables online (Google “free online party printables”) then select your favorite style. This is a great tool for party planning, regardless of how crafty you consider yourself to be. After printing simply cut the design and adhere to the desired party prop such as favor bags, cupcake picks, glassware, or ribbon.

Finally, include winter swim games and crafts. I went with the “Do you want to build a snowman?” craft. This craft includes 3 marshmallows, 2 thin pretzel sticks, 2 chocolate chips, 1 orange sprinkle, 1 toothpick, and a drop of candy gel paste per child. Allow the children to build their own snowman to take home or eat.


Winter brrr-thday parties can be just as exciting as a summer party. All you have to do is put a little craft and creativity into it!



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