Dairy-Free Life Has Gotten So Much Sweeter

We're grateful to our sponsors, Hudsonville Ice Cream, and their love of making moments sweeter. Oh, and their absolutely delicious ice cream choices – including an amazing dairy-free option!

I love ice cream, but for most of my life, finding dairy-free options that fit my needs has been a challenge – they’ve either been non-existent or just not-so-good. The dairy-free ice cream options have come a long way over the years, but Hudsonville Ice Cream is far and away my favorite! How I wish that this Midwest made ice cream brand had a dairy-free option that would have been available for my birthdays or other family moments when I was growing up – maybe I would have even liked cake more, too. Thankfully, living a dairy-free life has gotten a little sweeter for me, and for those of you who also avoid dairy for allergies or other dietary reasons!

Every Night Can be Family Ice Cream Night

There are many popular ice cream spots in Cincinnati, but “family” time at any of those has always left me sitting with a glass of water instead of enjoying a delicious dessert with my family. That sense of togetherness and unity is a huge part of what makes family night so fun, and I’ve thought many times how getting to bond over ice cream at the same time would make those nights so much better.

Now that we have Hudsonville Ice Cream in our lives, those nights are finally within reach for my family. For my daughter’s first nine years of life, she had the same dairy sensitivity I have had my whole life, so it was my husband that was the odd man out all these years. Now that she can eat ice cream alongside him, I’ve been getting a taste of how that feels.

But now, no one is left out. Hudsonville has so many delicious choices to pick from, with varieties that meet dietary needs like mine but also taste so great while bringing us together. We have been having so much fun together lately and can’t wait to keep making more memories together like this.

Despite all the recent time at home with my family, we realized we hadn’t been doing as many of the things that bring simple pleasures to us in quite a while.  We slowed down many of these recent nights and took the time to color together, play some card games, have a movie night, and just giggle over our ice cream.

So Many Delicious Hudsonville Ice Cream Flavors to Choose From!

An East Coast-born girl, I have spent the majority of my life in the Midwest and love that Hudsonville is a proud fixture in the Midwest as well. I also really love that they have not stopped thinking up ways to bring families together over a scoop of ice cream, even after 90+ years.

Hudsonville has options for everyone and every taste. You can choose from their traditional dairy ice cream, which uses the same base recipe from 1926, or their awesome Dairy Free lineup, which they developed over two years of tasting to get the texture just right! You can also dig into so many different flavor options in both 48 oz cartons – perfect for sharing – or pints. Hudsonville makes more than 50 flavors, so there’s bound to be a flavor for everyone in your household! 

We can speak from experience! My family doesn’t just have varying needs when it comes to lactose, we also have have different preferences when it comes to our taste buds!  There truly is something for all of us in Hudsonville’s selection.  The look of pure joy on their faces while we picked out some pints for each of us (without the normal drag of having to search multiple places for a sweet treat) was priceless.

My husband’s favorite is the Extra Indulgent Salted Caramel Brownie, my daughter is torn between a love of Extra Indulgent Mint Cookie Dough and Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, and I am in love with all (count them!) SEVEN of their current Dairy-Free choices. I think the Dairy Free Peanut Butter Truffle might top them all for me…. but, ask me next week, and I might be infatuated with yet another. 😉

I was finishing up my pint of Dairy Free Caramel Cookie Dough one evening with a freshly brewed cup of dark roast coffee and ended up scooping in a couple spoonfuls of my ice cream – such a good impulse decision! I highly recommend it for this flavor.

Our family moments are made sweeter with ice cream again, thanks to Hudsonville! I’m confident there’s something there to make everyone in your household happy, too. While it warms up (some day, Cincinnati…), cool down with some ice cream, and create as many sweet moments with your own family as you can. And Hudsonville wants to help – click here to get $2 off one of Hudsonville’s Dairy Free pints, which you can find at your local Meijer store! Use Hudsonville’s Scoop Locator tool to find a store nearest you.

Tell us which Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor you want to try to start this summer off right!

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