I Have a Date for Valentine’s Day {And It’s Not My Husband}


Candlelit table, me in a pretty dress, him in dress pants with suspenders and a bowtie. I’ll take his hand in mine and look lovingly at him, maybe even give him a kiss on his cheek and tell him as I always do, “I’m in love with you!”

He has the whole day planned out for me. First, he’s taking me to Cozy’s Pub for brunch. He’ll order a stack of fluffy pancakes, and I’ll get the quiche of the day. And we’ll talk and laugh. Just him and me.

No, I’m not talking about my husband, but another man who has completely stolen my heart: my son.


Long before I had children, I knew I wanted to have dates with them, daddy-daughter dates and/or mommy-son dates. We’ve been blessed with two boys, so I’m doubly blessed with many mother-son dates in my future!

We’ve had lots of play dates to the play cafe and other places, but there’s always a third wheel, his baby brother. Four years old is the age when I want to start mother-son dates and what better time than Valentine’s Day.

I remember my dad’s first date with my baby sister when she was little. My middle sister helped her do her make-up and she came down the stairs with the biggest, cheesiest, girliest grin ever, absolutely tickled to be going with her daddy to McDonald’s!

Now that things are opening back up again, and he is a little older, I cannot wait to take him to the Children’s Theatre to see Matilda Jr! We went with his little brother to see Elf Jr, and while the 2-year-old was switching seats and yelling for fruit snacks, my 4-year-old sat, quiet (except for the occasional question), with rapt attention on the stage. I was so proud of him, and I am excited to be able to enjoy this experience with him without his squirmy little brother.

Even though I’m with him all the time, I know we both will treasure this one-on-one time together!

And he will eat up my undivided attention. Dates with my son will be special. Planned ahead and designed to be fun and age-appropriate. Special, set times to focus on my relationship with my son. It’s my job as his mom to disciple him, train him up and instruct him on what is right. Children learn from example, so I will be that example for him.

I want to date my son to show him how much I love him and foster a commitment to quality time together. I also want to show him from a young age how to treat women with the utmost respect. I am raising a strong, Christian gentleman. Girl mamas, my 4-year-old might be a bundle of non-stop rough and tumble energy now, but someday, he may be dating your daughters. I promise to teach him right.


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