Dear Cincinnati Mamas {from a Lonely Atlanta Transplant}


Dear Cincinnati mamas,

When my wife was recruited by a company with offices near Cincinnati, we assumed that no offer would be good enough for us to uproot our life in Atlanta. I have a 24/7 job I’ve been in for my entire adult life.

Our 2-year-old daughter was thriving in her amazing school (and I was on the PTA Board and very involved). We lived on a cul-de-sac, knew all our neighbors, and we all met outside at 5 p.m. every evening to have some masked, socially distanced adult time while our children played together. Both our families are within two hours of Atlanta.

Moving from all of that, amidst a pandemic no-less, was not on my agenda.

Cincinnati mamas

But then, the offer came. And it WAS too good to pass up. So, over the span of a month (during the holidays), arrangements were made to relocate to Cincinnati. Before moving, I researched mom groups, and I came upon this one and signed up for emails immediately, followed on Instagram and Facebook. I later found more groups on Facebook, and I’ve noticed several things…

  1. Everyone seems incredibly friendly but despite that…
  2. So many people are transplants and seem to have a hard time feeling connected.

This makes me incredibly sad, as from what I can tell, we’re a group of caring, talented, creative, funny women. Meeting out for coffee is difficult given the high numbers of Covid in Hamilton County, but surely we can find another way. How can we feel connected to one another?

We’re all experiencing similar circumstances, likely are burnt out, overwhelmed by not only motherhood, but careers that never turn off since it is difficult to ‘work from home’ without work ALWAYS being in your home, partners who are experiencing similar feelings, having little to no time for ourselves, and being scared for our health and that of our children/parents/extended family.

I know it isn’t news, and all of this has been said before. But as a 40-something, first-time mom to a sassy toddler, southerner who thrives on collaboration, I’m struggling. And I bet some of you are, too. So what do we do, mamas? Buzz words like ‘self-care,’ (which most days feel like basic human hygiene or time to shave my legs) are frustrating. How do we become friends? I could use one.

Can any of you suggest forums on which we can gather even if just to feel a little less alone? I’m here. I’m in.

Lonely Atlanta Transplant


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