Dinner to Doorbells: Making Meal Time a Gift

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I got home from work today and this gift was waiting on my doorstep.

I work a non-traditional schedule that includes 12-hour shifts and weekends. On top of that, I have a second job. Oh, and I am a mom to two children who require my attention on the regular (funny how that works).

Now, don’t get me wrong… I am NOT complaining. I have a good life and I love all of the pieces of it, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t ever feel overwhelmed or default to the drive-through at the local fast food chain more than I would like. I have done some investigation and even tried out some local meal delivery services and honestly, they just were just not a good fit for our family. I have only one “normal” eater in my family and that is my 7-year-old daughter. The rest of us are complicated. I am a vegetarian, my husband has very particular tastes when it comes to food flavor (read: everything is covered in sauce and salt), and my oldest is one of those super picky eaters. All that is to say that the typical menus offered by those services don’t work for our needs.

Back to that gift I mentioned above…

“Dinner to Doorbells is a meal delivery service specializing in Healthy NO PREP or MINIMAL PREP meals. They realize that chopping, mincing, and prepping food are time-consuming tasks that take away from valuable time with family. Meal offerings are made using fresh ingredients, then frozen and delivered. All you have to do is heat the meal and enjoy!”

The week’s meals ready to freeze/refrigerate.

Dinner to Doorbells does meal delivery in a way that simply works for what I need for my family. Here’s why:

It’s Customizable 

You can choose 3, 4, or 5 meals per week and how many members are in your family. Even the meals have customizable options, such as the ability to add meat to a salad. Their brand new ordering system also allows you to order different amounts of different foods. So, snag 4 servings of baked ziti, if that is a family favorite, and 2 of another, if there is something only the adults in the house will enjoy.

It’s Family “Responsive”

You can really make this service work for your family. With dinner, lunch, salads, breakfast, dessert, side items, and smoothies… you can craft each weekly order to meet your family’s needs for the week. Have a ton of after-school activities this week? Plan your delivery accordingly. Have to get out of the house quickly for work on the weekends like me? Order accordingly! It’s easy (and FUN) to pick what you want to have delivered each week.

They really mean minimal or no prep. I can not say it enough, how much I love this part. I walked in the door after work today and popped the Sour Cream Noodle Bake in the oven and let it bake (alongside some garlic bread I already had in my freezer) while I caught up with my girls about everything I missed during their day.

Options for Everyone

As I mentioned, the members of my family all have significantly different tastes. I love that I can pick a vegetarian option for me and meat for the rest of my family. I can choose something spicy – or leave it off the menu. I picked this Crunchy Thai Salad with Peanut Sauce to try for lunch this week (YUM!) and while I did not opt-in for meat, I could have added steak or chicken. I took this salad to work for lunch and being able to just toss it into my bag on the way out the door was blissful.

(CMB Mom Tip – Dinner to Doorbells recently added a school lunch option as well! You can select bento-type school lunches that you can throw in a lunchbox for your kids. Options will include things like lunchmeat sushi, make your own tacos, sandwich skewers, etc… I am a huge fan of anything that makes school morning easier!)

Traditional Meal Options

I love Falafels as much as the next guy, but my children do not. With Dinner to Doorbells, there are simple kid-friendly dishes, such as roasted vegetables, mac & cheese, casseroles, baked ziti, and quiche… to name a few. The hardest part is deciding what NOT to order.

Menu Variety

While I do love the kid-friendly meal options, I also love that I can appease my adult tastebuds as well. I got some Shrimp Peanut Wraps in my order that were selected for my own cravings. I am optimistic that the fun of a wrap and mention of shrimp and peanuts (which both my kids like) might entice my kiddos to give something new a chance. If not… more for me!


Yep – that’s right… ready to blend smoothies, delivered right to your door. My 6am wake-up call just got that much better. Oh, and this one was Pina Colada… bananas + pineapple + coconut milk = perfection for me!


Are you ready to sign up yet?

We have a PROMO CODE just for you!
Use cincymoms10 for 10% off your first order {offer expires September 19, 2018}

Busy mom life is only one of many reasons to give Dinner to Doorbells a try.

Not only will it help you out a little during the week, but it would make the PERFECT gift for a new mom, a friend recovering from surgery, or even a great way to supplement if (like me) you leave dinner in the hands of your significant other a couple times a week and you know they usually just order pizza. I also experienced an unexpected bonus when Dinner to Doorbells showed up at my house this week. We are prepping to leave town for vacation and I was excited to realize that I had great menu options for a week that I didn’t want to buy groceries or spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Sticking that little #momhack in my pocket for future use!

Delivery is FREE (with $50 minimum) inside the 275 loop.
Orders must be placed by midnight on Tuesday.

Don’t forget their referral program. If you try Dinner to Doorbells and love it, share the referral code you receive with a friend and you both get $5 off when they order using that link.


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