DIY: Halloween Costumes


halloween2I cringe when the Halloween themed catalog from Chasing Fireflies arrives in my mailbox.  My 4 year old absolutely loves this catalog.  She flips through it longingly, pointing out all of the potential (over the top) costumes that she would just adore wearing for Halloween.  I will give her that they are beautiful, but I refuse to pay $150 for a costume.  The dresses alone are insane, but once you add in the mandatory accessories, forget about it!  If you are anything like me, you do your best as a Mom to help make her dress up dreams come true on a budget that doesn’t hurt yours.  However, if your child is younger and doesn’t yet have an opinion about their Halloween costume (or if they are open to suggestions) here are some really cute, unique ideas that you can make yourself with very little strain on the budget.

Remote Control ~ Buy a couple yards of black felt, cut a hole for the head and secure the sides near the waist.  (Think of it like a giant square felt shirt.)  Cut some white and colored felt into the circles needed to create the remote and you are good to go.

Table and Lamp ~ My Mom tried to get me to do this one for years.  All it takes is a box that is large enough to fit around your little ones waist (but not so large that they pose a hazard to themselves), a table cloth to go over the box and a lamp shade to wear as a hat.  Glue a small book, a bowl of candy and a remote to the top and send them on their way.

Poodle Skirt Costume50’s Girl ~ I did this one with my girls when they were 6 months and 2 years old.  I did buy the poodle skirt on etsy for minimal money, but it was basically elastic and felt so you could feasibly make this as well.  I paired it with shirts, cardigans, scarves and shoes we already had.  Super easy, super cheap and super cute.

Election Booth ~ If it’s an election year, find out what all your neighbors think by turning a box into a voting booth.  Cut a hole in the top and sides of the box for the head and arms.  Cut smaller holes on the front that the candy can be placed in as the people “vote” for their candidate.  Decorate it with flags and stickers, throw in an Uncle Sam type hat for added festiveness.  Just make sure you attach something to the inside of the box to catch the candy in.

Hula Dancer ~ Pick up a grass skirt at the dollar store, Target or wherever.  Pair it with bright leggings, shirt and flip flops… the more color the better!  Add flowers around the neck and in the hair.  You can buy or make these.  Hand them a toy ukelele (or make one out of small boxes and string)  to bring it all together.

Do you have a creative DIY costume idea to share?  If so, please post in the comments below.


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