When You’re Done SAHM-ing…


What do you do for a living?  Do you enjoy it?  I had my kids young, so I don’t have a career to go back to. Unless shuttling kids and picking up the same toys 15 trillion times counts as a career with an actual check, I am more than ready to move on. I actually have about a year and half until my youngest goes to Kindergarten (it’s all day Kindergarten here in Ohio, correct?). Please don’t let me down and tell me it’s not…I can’t handle that kind of negativity today. 

I’ve been thinking about this for years – what do I want to do? I love to hear about other moms’ jobs, as they usually sound really interesting or something I could see myself doing. Despite being married for 15 years (go me!), I almost have anxiety about committing to just one job forever. So I’m not taking this lightly.  

Here are some of my ideas…

Surgical Tech  I love to watch surgery videos. You know those gross ones your second cousin shares early in the morning that make you about gag on your coffee? Yeah, I watch those for fun. I watched a back surgery last week that was wicked cool. I could see myself being the tool holder, or whatever they are. I’m sure there are technical terms for this, but I’m still exploring, ok?  

Teaching- ONLY and only high school. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, and then I had kids. I laughed later on of my thoughts of becoming a teacher. I’m the one who tries to skate out of every volunteer opportunity there is at the school, so for the longest time, teaching wasn’t on my mind. However, now I have a sophomore, and when she comes home to tell me about her classes,  I love hearing about them. I remember my high school teachers and they were really neat people, especially my art teacher. I would probably pick language arts as my first pick, though.  Summer break is just an absolute bonus. Especially since Ohio gets like 45 weeks off during the summer. As a parent, could we please shorten this? 

Respiratory Therapist- I had severe asthma as a kid. Like the kind that sent me to the hospital a few weeks every year. Lots of ambulance rides, CPR done once on me by a neighbor that saved my life. I know a lot about it, or I should say, I know how people with asthma feel. I feel like I could easily relate to people with respiratory infections. The schooling for this is tough I’ve heard, but I would be ready for it.  

Detective- I watch a lot of Law ‘n Order and I realize it’s just a show, however it’s like a puzzle. You should see me trying to figure out what my kids are up to on social media. Not going to lie, I have like 5 snap chat names and I may be a foreign exchange student who’s looking for friends. Guess what though, my kids don’t know this. You see, I’m already working on my detective skills. I love trying to figure things out. Clues, evidence…it seems exciting to me and it would never be boring.  

So, that’s what is rumbling around in my mind. Do you have any of these jobs? Any suggestions? Any other ideas for me that I should consider? How should I choose? Pick one? Draw it out of hat? I’m all ears as I (anxiously) await my transition into this “new-to-me” world. 


  1. On the real, half or full day K is district by district. Some charge tuition for full day, others not. Check your district website for sure.


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