Drive-Around-Town Birthday Party {Ideas for a Covid-Friendly Celebration}


Birthday celebrating has taken on a different level of creativity during this Covid season to gather people together and know how to safely love one another. When the season first began with no hugs at all and gathering of anyone outside of your home was restricted, we did a drive-by wave birthday party for our 7-year-old and it was beautiful. It allowed loved ones to show up and give celebration, despite the obstacles, and it felt like peace in the storm to stay mindful that people were still with you in community even though it looked different. 


For our 9-year-old during the time of rising Covid cases, we knew a party was not where our best yes was, so I stepped into a different spin on the drive-by party and threw together a drive-around birthday shout-out party, and it was a joy-filled celebration. 

I wanted to share with you the birthday fun visuals so if you have a child with a birthday during this Covid season, you would have an idea of some special touches to love on your little one. 

Making it a surprise is SO MUCH FUN! 

I ordered this cute photo prop frame off of Amazon, gathered some decorations from the dollar store together, and she woke up to this display.

Surprise decorations

I chose homes that we are already in contact with and felt protected from Covid exposure because we are seeing these individuals on a regular basis.

You can make it contactless if that is where you are with these families or choose homes that are part of your Covid team!


Some other things I did to prep for the day:

  • Put together a snack caddy for my kids while driving around to different houses
  • Hung up a party dress she loves to wear for the occasion
  • Put together treat bags for friends – unicorn poop, hot chocolate and homemade chocolate cookies

One of their favorite parts of the drive-around birthday party was the decorated car, ready to celebrate!

  • I keep a bin of used birthday decorations and this came in handy for the car decorations; I did not spend a dime on this part!
  • Decorated her seat and left window markers for her to decorate as well. She LOVED this part!

I made a drive-by schedule that Sage could mark off throughout the drive and sent a text message to people that were part of the party to let them know when I would be at their home.

I let people know they could stand in their driveway and just give a verbal shout-out or could make it whatever they wanted, and the creative efforts found at each home were a gift of the heart.

Homes full of homemade birthday signs, sidewalk chalk shout-outs, dance parties, pinatas, balloons, beautiful setups and thoughtful extensions made her day unforgettable!


Each home had the opportunity to sign the back window, and then at the end of the drive-by, I was able to grab a picture of the birthday girl under all the birthday love.


With her instant polaroid camera, I took one photo to put in a birthday album for her and one with my camera for a framed birthday shout-out photo with each family.


A FUN addition to the drive-by party was stopping to take fun photos of things she loves we found on our drive. Dogs are her greatest love, so it was perfect to stop and take a picture of this blow-up puppy love dog.


Her face SAYS IT ALL of how much she loved this drive-by party! She loved this fun gift of a nine candle with mini cupcakes that we got to use at the end of the night together.

Happy celebrating your loved one! I hope this gives you some fun ideas to explore with your special celebration.

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