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Mowbot of Cincinnati helped make this Earth Day 2021 post possible for our readers.

A special thank you to our friends at Mowbot of Cincinnati for inspiring us to be our own unique environmentalists every day. Our individual interests and skills can make a difference when we are inclusive, welcoming, and ask ourselves, “What can I specifically do that will have ripples beyond myself?”

earth day mowbot cincinnatiI think I have always been a low-key environmental activist. I am passionate about protecting our planet and conserving our resources, so Earth Day (April 22) has always been an important day to me. It is the day that reminds us to continue to do the little things to help protect our environment. Although the environmental movement is important every day, Earth Day is the day that you can get up on your soapbox and freely advocate for the protection of our planet and not get labeled a tree hugging hippie.

My environmentalism started way back in middle school when I started a recycling campaign at my church. I made signs and installed recycling bins and wrote articles for the church paper urging everyone to “go green” and “reduce, reuse, and recycle” whenever possible. I petitioned my Mom to buy all CFC-free hairspray so I could save the ozone yet still tease my bangs equally as high. I wrote letters to fast food restaurants urging them to ditch the Styrofoam food containers and after I was shown a picture of a turtle stuck in the plastic rings from a six pack, and still to this day, I must cut the plastic rings to do my part to protect our wildlife. My dream back then was to volunteer to help save animals that fell victim to oil slicks and to eventually join Greenpeace. I was trying to do all this in the late 80s/early 90s, so I was met with some resistance and strange looks for sure. I like to think of myself as a VSCO girl before it got trendy, sksksk. I am telling you this not to self-proclaim myself as the “OG Green Queen” but to demonstrate that everyone, despite their age, can do something for the betterment of our planet.

Start by talking to the people in your life – family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone! Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC), says talking about global warming is crucial if we want to see real change. If you’re not talking about it, how important can it be?

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect environmentalist, and even if there was, our individual actions do not actually impact climate change. Individual actions matter because they keep us focused on the bigger picture. The choices we make in our daily lives are a form of communication. They tell others what you want the world to look like, and they can be an opportunity for others to join you. According to Dr. Leah Stokes, you can’t change the world unless you do something bigger than yourself.

This bigger picture mindset is why Penina Gunyan, owner of Mowbot of Cincinnati, decided to bring a robotic mowing service to the Queen City.

Traditional lawn care equipment represents 5% of U.S. air pollution. Lawn mowers in the U.S. use 800 million gallons of gas per year, and the EPA estimates at least 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled annually just filling lawn mowers. “Even the smallest gasoline spills can have a lasting impact” (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health). Nearby soil gets contaminated with benzene, a carcinogen, which ends up in our water and the vapors when the gasoline evaporates, contributes to air pollution, and produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Robotic mowers are a safe alternative, because they do not rely on fossil fuels. With her mowbots, lawns look freshly cut every day, are quiet enough to mow at night, and even mow in the rain.

Once Penina realized she could make this responsible lawn care easy and accessible to her community, Mowbot of Cincinnati was born. She is passionate about empowering her community to make informed choices that save time, while helping the environment, without sacrificing quality or money to do it.

Looking for fresh ideas on how to help the planet? Check out this list, and while you’re reading, consider how you can include others to join you.

About Mowbot of Cincinnati: Mowbot of Cincinnati provides the robot that lives and works exclusively on your yard, the professional installation and the ongoing maintenance to ensure a premium cut for your grass. For more information click here , here, or call (513) 551-7594.

mowbot cincinnati

I encourage you to make changes to address environmental problems and to get your kids involved as well. By making them aware of the impact that our actions have on our planet, it will not only teach them the importance of conservation and sustainability, it will give them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment and create fun memories and family bonding moments. One small change can make a giant impact on decreasing our carbon footprint.

Here are a few easy Earth Day activities that children can participate in:

  • Teach them to recycle by showing your children what can be recycled and allowing them to separate the recyclables into the appropriate bins for paper, aluminum, and plastic
  • Let your children help you plant something such as a vegetable garden, flowers, or a tree
  • Encourage your children to conserve energy and resources by turning off lights when they leave a room and to turn off the water faucet while they are brushing their teeth
  • Make a bird feeder; you can make an easy and biodegradable one by attaching seeds with peanut butter to a pinecone
  • Pick up litter whenever you see it in your yard, neighborhood, or a park
  • Repurpose old toys or other unused items into something useful such as planters

Simple everyday Earth Day activities that adults can to do to help protect our environment:

  • Change the temperature on your thermostat by 1 degree
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Buy local
  • Utilize reusable grocery bags
  • Unplug unused appliances and electronics
  • Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs
  • Switch to paperless bills and bank statements
  • Shop secondhand and donate unwanted items
  • Switch to water filtering pitchers and reusable water bottles
  • Reduce food waste
  • Turn off the car rather than idling

How will YOU practice Earth Day every day?

Check out other local resources for “going green” HERE and see how easy it can be for you and your family to implement sustainable practices into your daily routines.


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