Quick and Easy Elf on The Shelf Ideas


It’s that time of the year again! You know, the 3 a.m., “Oh crap, I need to move the elf” time! Our Elf on the Shelf, Candy Cane, has been with us for eight years now and he makes his debut every year around Thanksgiving.

This is about a month-long of mischief by the infamous Elf on the Shelf. 


But first, a brief history. We didn’t get the elf to watch the children as many people do. Christmas is our favorite holiday and we love all the magic that comes with it. Adding an elf makes it all the more magical for our children! We are on our second elf because the first one accidentally flew away with a helium balloon a few years ago (The kids do not know this and it took some scrambling around to find a new one but I did save the day! I’m hopeful that it landed in another child’s backyard and made a magical moment for them.)

For both elves, I have also inserted wires to make them more moveable (super easy, thanks to a couple of YouTube videos). Read on for some quick, easy, and clever ideas for your elf, from one tired mama to another!

    1. Throw some goldfish in the toilet. Tie a string to a candy cane. Sit the elf on the counter/toilet/wherever and make it look like he’s fishing.
    2. Pick up an Elf of the Shelf magazine (available at Kroger) and have your elf reading it.
    3. Pick up a box of Elf on the Shelf cereal (available in two flavors at Walmart) and have your elf’s feet sticking out of the top of it. Warning: it is very sugary cereal.
    4. Get some plastic cups and have your elf hide under one of them.
    5. Put your elf’s legs in two tubes of wrapping paper and stick the other end in a pair of shoes, next to a wall so it looks like the elf is standing.
    6. Clip your elf’s hands in a pants hanger and hang him/her from wherever.
    7. If your child has a phone/tablet, etc, take a picture of the elf next to them while they are sleeping and save it as their home screen.
    8. Hang everyone’s underwear in place of the stockings.
    9. Replace a roll of toilet paper with a roll of tape and leave a note saying, “This could get sticky.”
    10. Put bows on all of the kitchen cabinets.
    11. Stick the elf between two pieces of bread and make a sign saying, “I’m nice and toasty.”
    12. Make a tower of canned goods.
    13. Unravel a roll of toilet paper and have the elf at the end of it.
    14. Toilet paper the Christmas tree.
    15. Have the elf and some Barbies have a spa day by adding a bottle of nail polish.
    16. Have a “snowball” (marshmallows) fight with the elf and action figures/dolls/etc.
    17. Make a shoe train around the house with everyone’s shoes.
    18. Write something on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker, shaving cream, or toothpaste.
    19. Use food coloring to make green “elf milk.”
    20. Hide candy canes and have the elf leave of a note of how many are hidden.
    21. Put some colored candies (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.) in a frying pan and pose the elf on the side of the pan with a spoon or whisk.
    22. Pour some flour or powdered sugar on the counter and have the elf make elf snow angels.
    23. Get a bag of microwave popcorn and pour it in the microwave and place the elf in the center of it.
    24. Draw “Rudolph noses” on family pictures.
    25. Get some Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes and make a little sign that says “Trees for sale.” Make it look like your elf is looking for a tree.
    26. Position a sucker between your elf’s arms and get a piece of paper and pencil. On the paper write “Licks” and make some tally marks.
    27. Hide the elf in the silverware holder.
    28. Have the elf digging in your purse or wallet.
    29. Make a fort out of boxed food.
    30. Draw faces on your eggs.
    31. Find something to make a slide coming out of your dryer for the elf and friends.

What your best Elf on the Shelf ideas?


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