Embracing Winter {Tips to Shift Your Mindset to Enjoy the Season}

We know that winter is just a season and that it does not last forever, yet when we are sitting in the midst of frigid temps and limited outside time, one can feel its impact.

Every day you are making choices, whether you even realize it or not, that invest in your mindset as you make deposits on relationships, on yourself, and in the world around you.

For three weeks in November, my husband and I were gifted a traveling space of waking up in the 70s/80s every day as we traveled states and over oceans. It was an intentional pursuit and one that we took time to prepare for in depths of ways to listen as we stepped so that we had fuel for this season we are entering now in the winter months.

That space was not intended as a comparison but a place to be invigorated by soul and not intended to bring discontentment because of the vast differences into the new chapter.

I knew that stepping into this space and season of the 20s/30s weather and limited outside time would ask a lot from my mindset in order to choose my acceptance of it well.


The reality is that this season is also a gift and although it is not my favorite to be bitterly cold, there is life and growth to be received here as well. I do not want to miss the teaching ground of winter because my mind is focusing on all that feels “not my favorite.” I get to choose my deposits today and I choose to see the joy amidst all that is changing.

Here are three mindset shifts to help guide you to embrace this season, even if it is not “your favorite.”

Choose your base in this season.

Identify one thing you can use as a “vibe setter” and allow it to grant you an invitation to enter your day with more readiness. For us, it’s a nice, warm fire. It’s keeping the flames burning in this season of cold and taking the time to build in moments where we have time to think, to process, and to be aware that gratitude is right here, right now.

Layer up and still get outside.

Even with frigid temps, one can layer up with hats, scarves, gloves, layers of clothes and go for a winter walk. Check for parks in your area that do winter walk challenges and give yourself moments to breathe in outdoors. 

Participate in a kindness challenge.

It helps guide perspective when you take time to think of others in a season. Develop a kindness challenge with your family where you intentionally take once a week to extend kind gestures around you. Some ideas include making meals for others, writing letters of encouragement, inviting someone to your home, sharing s’more ingredients with others, etc.
What is a vibe setter for you in this current season?
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