Thank You to My Ex (Best Friend)


You were the one that got me through my bad breakup; the one that pushed me to be myself. You encouraged me, laughed with me, and stood your ground with me. 

You were the one that helped me see what I deserve. You showed me that women are powerful and fierce. 

You were my wingwoman; you were always up for an adventure. You were down for whatever, whenever. A call from you always meant something fun. 


But, you were the one who taught me to be cautious. You were unpredictable, angry, volatile. 

You were brash; you were reckless and daring. 

You burned bright like a star, and then you burned out our friendship. 

Still, I’m thankful for you. 

You helped me see the world in a new way; helped me know that some friendships are meant to last while others are meant to teach. 

You taught me that some people come into my life to make me stronger; that the adversity I face with them, or because of them, will build my character. 

You showed me what it means to be a best friend; both the good, and the things I don’t need. 

So thank you. 

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Emily Swegert
Emily was born in Cincinnati but transplanted to rural Michigan as a toddler with her parents. She moved back while in high school and has been here since. She met her husband, Eric, while completing her undergrad in education at Miami University. Two master's degrees, a house, and a dog later, they decided to expand their family. Their daughter Piper was born in April 2017. Emily spent 18 months as a stay-at-home-mom before taking a GIANT leap and becoming a doula. Shortly thereafter, she was approached by the owner of a local agency about taking over the business. She now works from home running Tender Beginnings while sharing adventures with her daughter.


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