Three Must-Haves for Family Date Night


This post is brought to you in partnership with Hudsonville Ice Cream. We only partner with sponsors who we feel bring value to our readers, and we hope this one can help you make family date night moments a bit sweeter!

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite days of the year. How could you not like a holiday built around sweet treats and love? My husband and I have always opted for a night in to celebrate, and since becoming parents we love to think of fun ways to include our boys. Single parents – this works for you too! Dating your kids is a great way to invest in your relationship with them.

A child's hand celebrating Valentin's Day reaching over a muffin tin full of ice cream toppings surrounded by Hudsonville Ice Cream tubs with an ice cream scooper.Family Date Night Must-Have #1

Something sweet to do. Based on the ages of your kids this could be special things that you don’t do often. Maybe you’re a neat freak? Let them build a fort! Maybe you’re overwhelmed by that 500 piece Lego set from Christmas? Work on it together! Maybe you have bins of craft supplies you never use? Time to bust them out mama! Of course, if you’re wanting to get out and about, there are so many places to explore in Cincinnati. Maybe try a new coffee house, a brewery (there are so many that are kid-friendly!) or a place to play!

An open ice cream container with an ice cream scooper and a scoop missing from Hudsonville Ice CreamFamily Date Night Must-Have #2

Something sweet to eat. When it comes to sweet treats, we’re all about finding yummy special treats that the kids can also get involved with. Enter: a Hudsonville Ice Cream Sundae Station! We each pick out our favorite ice cream flavor; I’m obsessed with Brownie Batter Cookie Dough, my husband and oldest love Orange Cream Swirl, and my middle always goes for Traverse City Cherry Fudge. Hudsonville Ice Cream has so many different flavors, you’re bound to find one (or ten!) the whole family will love!

Then the kids pick out the toppings and we load them into a muffin tin. This is perfect for allowing them to make their own choices while somewhat containing the mess. Valentine’s Day should be spent enjoying the people around us, NOT cleaning up sticky spills! Here are some of our favorite toppings:

      • chocolate chips
      • hot fudge
      • sprinkles
      • M&M’s
      • chopped nuts
      • whipped cream (perfect for any flavor!)
      • other candy (like gummy bears!)
      • cherries

A muffin tin for Valentine's Day filled with various ice cream toppings to put on an ice cream sundae featuring Hudsonville Ice CreamWe all scooped up our yummy desserts and my oldest said “Mommy, I love that you love ice cream like me. This is the best day ever!” and my heart exploded. And speaking of sweet things to say…

Two preschool brothers enjoying a Valentine's Day ice cream sundae featuring Hudsonville Ice Cream

Family Date Night Must-Have #3

Something sweet to say. One of the things I love most about date night is that time to connect with one another outside the chaos. It’s those simple moments where we can hear each other talk and eat food with both hands that allow me to slow down and realize how very grateful I am. So taking a moment during Family Date Night to tell each other something sweet is just the cherry on top of an already fun evening! There are lots of fun ways to do this, but here are three ideas we love:

    1. Name something you love about your kids that starts with the first letter of their first name, like “Kyle is KIND” and then share an example of how you’ve observed that.
    2. Write each other a note and seal the envelopes with an ice cream kiss. Then read the notes to each other or hide them to find another day!
    3. Record a video of each of you saying something sweet to one another, then grab a tissue and pull it up on the long days for a smile.

Family Date Night is a great way to make time for one another and to invest in the things that matter most. It’s these simple moments around the dining room table that I hope my kids will always remember.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any day of the year, if you’re looking to make your next Family Date Night a little sweeter, grab a family-size container (48 oz.) at your local Meijer or Fresh Thyme today! Oh, and if you or your kiddos are dairy-free, don’t worry, Hudsonville has you covered. Click the Hudsonville logo to find a scoop near you!

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