Trends and Trip-Hazards: 5 Design Trends That Work for Families


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Have you ever really stopped to think about the design of your home? For many busy moms, it’s probably the last thing on the to-do list. After all, when our kids are little, our typical design style is Lego Chic or maybe Petrified Goldfish. Personally, I feel fancy when I manage to actually print and hang photos on my walls.

Home Trends you'll see in 2020
But design isn’t just about how our home looks. It’s about functionality and efficiency, too. Even the amount of light, color and available space to move about a room can elevate our moods. Not to mention, it’s much more fun to have family and friends visit when you’re pleased with the look of your abode!

The question is – Are there family-friendly design trends? And how can we incorporate them with children?

We turned to Jackie Barnes Design for a little help. Jackie is a designer, but she’s also a mom. She understands the struggles we face as moms who would like a nice house, but have little ones. As Jackie says, “While it is a challenge, I think it is still important to maintain a respectable level of style while accommodating sticky fingers and flying Nerf darts.”

Watch this video for her thoughts on how families can make design trends work for them.

According to Jackie, indulging in trends can make us feel a part of something new and exciting, but they also help guide us on how to spend our hard-earned money. With advances in technology and sustainable living options, they can also change the way we live.

Remember: it can take time to establish a layered, curated look. It’s likely not something that will happen all at once. Below are a few of Jackie’s personal favorite home trends going into 2020, and every one of them can be made family-friendly. Consider your faves and how they could help your personality shine!

Memphis Design

The Memphis design home trend features rounded corners and pops of color.
Memphis Design was developed in 1981 in Milan, Italy to counter-balance mid-century modern and 1970’s minimalist looks. Memphis design incorporates radical, sometimes funny, outrageous geometric figures using a pop-art color palette. You can bring this look into your home using wallpaper (another big trend right now!), and with furniture that bears rounded or exaggerated shapes. Incorporating art in your home is another great way to introduce the Memphis design style.

Practical ways to implement this trend with kiddos…

  • Rounded furniture – Stylish and extremely kid-friendly since it has no corners!
  • Toys! – What better way to incorporate the pop-art color palette than by building a few select toys into your design? If your kids are preschool age or older, teach them where those toys “live,” so they can put them away when they’re done playing.
  • Kid artwork – Clever way to incorporate color. Frame a few and switch out often.

Plants and Florals

Even those of us with brown thumbs can keep up with this family-friendly design trend. While Jackie generally steers toward live plants to bring clean air into the home, she knows that some of us can’t keep up with the maintenance required or have young children and pets at home that may prevent it. There are tons of online resources that can offer very authentic-looking faux plants! Or, mix faux and real together for the best of both worlds! A little greenery goes a long way toward making your home feel fresh and clean.

Practical ways to implement this trend with kiddos…

  • Live plants – Easy to find and easy to replace, live plants brighten up and freshen your space. Give each child a plant to care for and you might be surprised how well they do.
  • Plant crafts – Many local nurseries offer classes where you’ll go home with a potted arrangement. Some are kid-friendly and present a great opportunity for family time.
  • Fake it – It’s OK to fake it. Greenery is good, even if it’s plastic. Dusting the plants can be another job for the kiddos.

Sustainable Materials

This is a trend that is here to stay. Our social climate promotes sustainable living and personalized products. Buying local can help you achieve both! Consider introducing jute, fiber, or clay pieces. You can find fun items that tell a story at local craft markets, or on Etsy. And buying local, sustainable pieces establishes some sentimental value and tells a great story!

Practical ways to implement this trend with kiddos…

  • Repurpose – What a great chance to incorporate those creations the elementary-aged kids make in class. Is it a bowl? An ashtray? Who cares?! It’s art now! 😉
  • Shop local – Take the kids to a farmer’s market or craft fair and give them a mission. Older kids can learn about prices, budgets and prioritizing their spending while shopping.
  • Make it! – Do you enjoy crafting, but don’t make time for it? Maybe you should. Sign up for a class in pottery-making or working with fibers and create something for your home.

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals through accent pieces creates balance and adds definition in a room. Gold and brass pieces aren’t going anywhere. In fact, their popularity has only been increasing! Be careful when mixing more than two metals together in one room. Jackie advises avoiding the use of a third metal unless it’s used quite sparingly. If you are using two metals, go with a 70/30 mix; if using three, try a 60/30/10 division to balance the room.

Practical ways to implement this trend with kiddos…

  • Family heirlooms – Many of us have metallic pieces from our parents or grandparents tucked away. Grab those vintage items out of storage and give them new life
  • Chemistry class – No, we’re not suggesting you get out the test tubes, but using metals in your decor presents a chance to teach the kids the elements.
  • Balance – Chemistry and math and home decor? Winning! Have the kids practice their percentages and figure out the 70/30 balance.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors and greenery are a classic home trend.

Again, this is a home trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Incorporating neutral colors in your home can make the space feel comfortable and open. Jackie always encourages 90% white and 10% color. So if you have a neutral living room, look for complementary colors and textures by adding lacquer finishes, leather, painted wood, and accents. You can confidently execute this trend by mixing a range of “whites”, such as off-white, cream, and very light, soft colors.

Practical ways to implement this trend with kiddos…

  • Paint – This one might best be done without the kids, depending on their ages. Giving a room a new coat of paint can make all the difference.
  • Build around your favorite items – Do you have a favorite vase or other piece of decor? Make that one of your accents and build the room around it.

It turns out that having kids doesn’t mean we have to live in a space with no form or function. In fact, there are plenty of family-friendly design trends out there! Maybe you need a multi-functional space updated or a master-bedroom escape, or maybe you don’t even know where to start. The important thing is to find what works for you and your family, and Jackie can help!

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