10 Places in Cincinnati for a Family Hike


In recent weeks, my family has enjoyed getting outside and exploring nature. I find that it is the easiest way to get my kids active. Typically, I use the dog as an incentive. I tell them that she really needs to go for a long walk, and she would love for you to come. The kids will do anything for the dog.

family hike

Here are some of the places we have found in the Greater Cincinnati area and wanted to share with you for a family hike. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. French Park is located in Amberly Village. This park has some open green areas where a family can have a small picnic before or after hiking the trails. The trails are all connected and many lead to the creek, which is a kid favorite for jumping over rocks, finding clay, and looking for small fish and other wildlife.
  2. Caldwell Nature Preserve is a great place to find wildflowers, small animals, and explore the creek. A small portion of the trail is paved for easier accessibility to the woods.
  3. California Woods is near Margrish Preserve, which is a bird-watching area, and Lick Run Creek runs through the park. There are several trails that can be taken that appeal to various fitness levels. Dogs are not allowed at this park.
  4. Laboiteaux Woods is tucked away, but there are multiple trails that join within the woods. Some of the trails end at a small creek that is perfect for exploring. Since the park is secluded, there are typically not large crowds and a great place to explore nature.
  5. Bender Mountain is a preserve owned and maintained by Delhi Township and the Western Wildlife Corridor. The trails through the woods connect and when you reach the ridge you are treated to views of the Ohio River.
  6. Withrow Nature Preserve is a 270-acre park that is a quiet place to look for wildflowers and take a relaxing hike with the family.
  7. Ault Park is known for its stately pavilion and beautiful gardens, but there are also many quiet trails that offer both easy hikes and more challenging ones.
  8. Mt Airy Forest has both open green areas for flying a kite or playing a family frisbee game but also trails throughout. With over 1,400 acres, you are bound to find a trail that fits your family.
  9. Amberly Green is actually an old golf course that the village maintains as a public park. The former golf cart path is available for both walkers and joggers. There is also a lot of open spaces for dogs to play, as long as they are well-controlled. It is recommended that you obtain a vehicle identification sticker from the Amberly Village Municipal building, prior to using the grounds. They are free.
  10. Glendale Gardens is a park with over 300 acres that includes a paved trail. There are beautiful peaceful gardens that you can admire. It is noted that no bikes, skates, or scooters are allowed.

This is not a complete list of the family hikes in Cincinnati that can be enjoyed by families, but the ones my family wanted to share with you. Before heading out, check park websites to make sure trails are open.

I hope this gives you some ideas to explore with your family. Have fun getting out into nature!


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