Give It to Me, Baby {Part 1 – Focus on Breathing}


Give me a massage?

Give me a break?

Give me some energy?

Give me some peace?

Give me just 5 minutes…

It seems like no matter how much you run around, sleep, rest, etc, you’re always looking for MORE ENERGY! Give it (that coffee) to me, baby!

I just personally came from an intense 4-day personal development workshop which was OUTSTANDING! It was like my personal stay-treat (instead of stay-cation), which I think I’m going to do more often.

The event was virtual so at first, I thought it was going to lack the energy from the live events but I could afford this and it would just have to do. Little did I know that it was still going to have massive energy that made me move, breakthrough and grow!

So where does our energy go? Why are we so tired? Is this a mom curse?


First, we need to see what and how we feel about failure. What does this word mean to you? What comes to mind? What emotions come to mind? If you were to think back to an event that you failed in, how did you feel? Angry? Frustrated? Disappointed? Depressed? Incapable?

The simple thought of failure can affect you so much and you’ll avoid failing at all costs. But as a mom, that’s impossible to run from when it’s surrounding you constantly as you compare yourself to other moms, read books, and deal with so many mom factors while raising your kiddos. Lack of sleep. Not eating your best. Kids ignoring your instructions. Constantly cleaning while projects get left behind. Your mom (or other women) telling you how to do it better. You’re left feeling unappreciated, ignored, and overwhelmed to say the least. Right?

That simple thought of failing can decrease your energy. This decrease in energy can lead you to procrastination, which can affect your thoughts and opinions of self-worth and what you’re capable of doing. It doesn’t stop and you go down this downward spiral.

So while you’re feeling crappy as crappy can be, you have to, in that moment, do something different to break that pattern. Interrupt that state so that you can go into a more beautiful state. Think about your awesome mommy moments and wins or things that just made you laugh your guts out!

Some examples:

  • When your significant other proposed to you or you proposed to them
  • When you found out you were pregnant
  • When you had your first ultrasound and could see a little human – past the little peanut
  • When you felt the first kick
  • When your baby was born
  • When your child cut his own hair (or sibling’s hair)
  • When you almost wiped out because your child put clear soap all over the floor!

When you think about failure and the things that are not going your way or how you expected them to go, your body tenses up. You bring shoulders in, head down, hands up – everything is in, meaning you’re not taking full breaths because you physically can’t. Breathing is shallow, short and quick.

Breathing is such a key to having energy.

Which is why breathing deeply is important. Go ahead take a deep breath now. Did your chest come up and head up? Or did it move just a little bit? Take another deep breath and see how you breathe. You want to breathe with your upper body relaxed and feel the breath come from your belly versus your chest. This is called diaphragmatic breathing. This allows more oxygen to come into the lower part of your lungs versus just the top part.

More oxygen equals more to blood equals more oxygen to brain and body equals more energy, clearer thoughts and feeling better! Breathing is another way to break a pattern.

What can help you breathe better?

  • Laughing (take a moment and think about the funniest thing that has EVER happened to you!)
  • Blowing a balloon while lying down
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises that you can find on YouTube

For now, focus on breathing, thinking happy thoughts and laughing to help you break your funky state to help you get to a beautiful state.

Stay tuned for part two in this series. Until then, just keep breathing!


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