Give It to Me, Baby {Part 2 – Focus on Moving}



If you’re breathing better then you’re more apt to move more, which smoothly leads into moving more often. If you’re laughing, your moving. But if you’re not laughing, THEN GET UP AND SHAKE THAT BOOTY!

That’s right.


Simply getting up and moving around gives you energy! Sounds counter-intuitive, right? But it’s it makes sense. Think back to playing sports or being a kid. Even now as a mom. You see your kids and wonder – how are they not tired yet? These kids have been playing all day – running, jumping, swinging, skipping, riding their bikes and scooters… how? How are they still going a mile a minute? Yes, they are young and do have more energy naturally than we do. BUT it’s also because they are moving more often.

YOU CAN MOVE MORE OFTEN, TOO! You can walk. You can stretch. You can shift your weight and straighten your legs out if sitting. ANY MOVEMENT will break a pattern of funk and make you feel better.

Well, I need more sleep. Yes. It’s true. Your body does need sleep and a good night’s rest. BUT how often have you woken up and you’re feeling tired? How about a nap? That may help, but at times you either feel just as tired or even more tired. I know I have. I still love my naps though and they do help me on many days, so I’m not saying no to a nap. What I’m saying is that moving may help more than napping.

Well, I’ve been working all day so am tired AND stiff! THEN GET UP AND MOVE!!! Your body is meant to move. They say that sitting down is more harmful than smoking. How? Because it affects your body more, leading to more stiffness, weakness, shallow breathing… thus leading to more depression, anxiety, aches and pains, cloudy thinking, decreased alertness, etc. Smoking is harmful and there is a good chance of lung cancer in your later years. Do you see how sitting can be more harmful to your body?

I’m not here promoting or supporting smoking habits. I believe it’s bad for your body and you should stay away if you can. What I’m saying is sitting down is not what your body was made for. Resting for a little bit I get and is required here and there. But watching an endless amount of TV or sitting for hours on end at your office is not good for your body and it will create aches and pain in your body; especially with your back, which will lead to PT or medication and restless sleep. Again, what I’m saying is…


The simple act of getting up, shaking your tooshie and taking big breaths in is a huge motion that your body will thank you for. ESPECIALLY when your kids are driving you up a wall and you’re feeling close to that freakout moment of yelling at everyone. When you get to the moment, STOP. GET UP. WIGGLE YOUR BUM. AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH IN. AND let your breath out slowly. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. YES! Do it 5 time.

  1. It will change your state.

2. It will make your kids wonder what the heck you’re doing – it’s ok. They MIGHT join you… OR they might just stare and giggle.

3. It will release negative energy and help you create positive energy.

4. It will help your body both with oxygen and muscles. Movement is what your body craves!

5. Motion creates emotion. Meaning you’ll feel better and can get back to your kids in a more patient and understanding way.

6. THIS IS A TEACHABLE MOMENT FOR YOUR KIDS. It’s ok to get angry, upset, frustrated and allow for your emotions to be emotions. THE KEY is to not stay there and not let your emotions affect your interactions with others. So taking the time to deal with your emotions and DO something to get yourself back on track is healthy for you and helpful for them. You’re showing your kids that it’s ok to get upset, but there are many ways to deal with those emotions so you can continue on about your day, about your project, about your relationship.







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