Give Back Birthday Part 2


give back birthdayWhen my daughter was ten, her birthday was dedicated to others. A give-back birthday party allowed her the opportunity to see giving can bring the most remarkable feeling of all. With a global pandemic lingering around, the equivalent birthday bash could not happen for my son’s tenth birthday, but we still could achieve a give-back birthday. It is impracticable to list every conceivable idea for a socially-distant give-back birthday, but here are some of the ideas my son and I came up with when brainstorming together.

Car Window Poetry

This is socially-distant and involves nothing more than leaving positive notes on car windows. Individuals receiving or leaving notes can share on social media with the #CarWindowPoetry. When your birthday kiddo sees their messages appear online, it feels like the gift that keeps on giving.

Project Linus

Linus from Charlie Brown used his blanket for security, and that concept is what Project Linus is about. Make tie-blankets or donate new ones. The blankets will be distributed to someone needing love, warmth, and compassion. Warning :: Tying the blankets takes a bit of time, so consider a donation of fleece versus a birthday-party-tying-extravaganza.

Create Face Mask Kits

This is an easy project to complete with kids. The kit includes materials for you to put together face shields for local shelters. Everything is included and capable of kids creating the shields. Multiple kits can be ordered.

birthday party for threeCards for Nursing Homes

This organization is located in Cleveland, Ohio and operates year-round. They have guidelines such as no glitter, religious messages, or language about the pandemic. Send your cards to Love for Our Elders, and they will take care of getting them to the nursing homes.

Rocks with Messages

Painting rocks is an easy activity for kids. They can do this together or you could even have a drop-off where your child hides the rocks others have painted. Put together messages and leave them in places people frequent. Be careful not to place rocks anywhere that could cause issues for wildlife or landscaping needs.

Keep the birthday party safe.

While we are hopefully at the tail end of this pandemic, it is still here for a while. Hosting any sort of birthday party takes special planning to keep it safe. Consider how to keep social distance, safe food options, hand cleansing, bathroom considerations, outdoor venues, and masks.

With precise planning, you can host a COVID-safe Give Back Birthday party, keeping both your guests safe while providing joy to others.


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