Give Thanks (and Eat Dessert)


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Hello world! Are you in need of a few tips to styling a last minute Thanksgiving day dessert table? Well no worries today. Here are some simple ways to display your fabulous desserts without breaking the bank!

Lets start with making a list of desserts that you will be serving. Be sure to include all desserts that other guest might be bringing. It is very important to have a variety. If you notice too many of the desserts are duplicates, try squeezing in something different if it isn’t too late.

Next, check your current dish inventory. Pick out your favorite serving dishes. This can be glass plates, bowls, trays, or platters. If you do not have the traditional serving dishes, take a look at your home decor. Often times I will use fancy placemats, vases, and even coasters. Each of these will display desserts nicely. If you are still coming up short, ask another guest if they can bring an extra dish or two. That way you will not spend additional money. In addition, you will not be stuck with a ton of new dishes after Thanksgiving that you may never use again.

Then, pick your table cloth. This is personally my favorite part in designing a dessert table. The table cloth can be linen, paper, or plastic. In the photos today I used a table cloth for the backdrop and then another on the table. By adding a textured table cloth it takes the focus directly to the table and desserts.

After that, add decor! Again, stay budget friendly and use what you might currently have at your house. If you have leftover Halloween items, they will make great Thanksgiving decor. If not, fill an empty vase with seasonal veggies, nuts, or pick up a few items at your local dollar store.

Finally, it is time to style your table. Having a center focal point is always visually more appealing. Therefore, my leftover pumpkin was perfect when styling the table in these photos. Make sure the table is symmetrical. Even if you do not use the same desserts on both sides of the table, make sure you have the same amount of desserts are on both sides.

With these tips I am sure your desserts will look beautiful for your Thanksgiving day gathering. Enjoy and Give Thanks!



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