The Glass Slipper of Birth Controls


I am not a doctor, nor do I have any ties to the medical field. What I do have are my own personal stories of struggling to find the right birth control after having kids.

You see, I live in Northern Kentucky, and there is an unspoken monopoly over women’s healthcare. You don’t realize this until after you’ve had your last child and are searching for a more permanent solution for your birth control.

Let’s go back four years ago, where my journey for proper care began. My husband and I were blessed with having a girl and then a boy back-to-back. We were on the fence about having more kids at first, so we decided to get an I.U.D. implanted. This was a super easy implant that was done in my OBGYN’s office. It was slightly painful, but once implanted, I couldn’t feel it. 

We picked an I.U.D because it was something that you could implant and then forget about. We liked this convenience because, honestly, I have never been on pills and am horrible with routines. And since we weren’t sure if wanted to have more kids, the I.U.D could be removed at any point and would work for up to five years if not removed. I was only 21 at this point, so it seemed like the best decision at the time.

Personally, I felt like the I.U.D was my arch nemesis, making it impossible for me to lose the baby weight. I was eating healthy, exercising normally, and even breastfeeding. I also felt like it was causing me to break out, and I just didn’t feel balanced. My doctor told me it shouldn’t be affecting my hormones, but yet I just didn’t feel like myself. I felt like I would forever be a bloated mess with the I.U.D. 

My doctor’s office couldn’t provide me with any better options. They kept saying, “That’s all we have.” At this point, my mind had changed from keeping the possibility open for more kids to shutting down the baby factory. How could I want to do this at only the age of 21? Simply put, I had my two and I was out. I knew in my heart that my son was the completion of our family. Sitting here four years later, I have no regrets! 

So how did I go about a more permanent birth control method (especially when my OBGYN’s religious beliefs didn’t allow for women to get their tubes tied or removed)? I found a new OBGYN, and my husband and I discussed all of our options for permanent birth control (including a possible vasectomy for him) over a date night. 

 A tubal removal seemed to be our perfect fit. Yes, I said removal.

This procedure isn’t for everyone, but it was for me and my family. Aside from the permanent birth control aspect, a tubal removal can also decrease the risk of developing ovarian cancer. So with this method, I got my permanent birth control, while also proactively protecting my body against a cancer that took the life of my grandmother. It was a win-win for me.

As you read this and consider options for your own personal health, I encourage you to ask questions and search for the proper care that you need. You deserve the glass slipper of birth control that will get you your happily ever after, Mom-rella.

And no doctor, religion or evil stepmother should stand in your way. 

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Danielle was raised in the small town of Highland Heights KY. With influences from across the river she grew up with a passion for sports, the arts, Ballet, writing, hiking, and nutrition. She now resides in the city of Alexandria KY and looks towards the queen city for many of her resources in raising two well rounded little ones. Her marriage of eight years has blessed her with a little girl (7 years old) and a little boy (6 years old). She is currently a stay at home mother and is focused on improving routines for the the family's overall health. She aspires to be the person that other's can rely on and has learned many things about balancing that boundary of self care vs supporting others. Growth isn't just for the children and through her writing she shares her journey.


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