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Between remote learning off and on the past couple years, varying teacher:student ratios, a brand new school, and slight dyslexia and slight ADD, our poor daughter has really struggled to keep up with Math and Language Arts studies. Both those subjects build on each other quarter after quarter, year after year… Now halfway through sixth grade, it’s imperative Ady not fall behind. With all the other costs associated with raising a child, it can be hard to make room in the budget for one-on-one tutoring. Plus, how do you make time to get your kid to yet another scheduled activity?! I’m so thankful GoPeer is making high-quality tutoring accessible for all!

What Is GoPeer?

GoPeer is a resource that allows families to connect with qualified college students who are available to tutor. They integrate technology with a near­-peer education model to provide jobs to college students, logistical help to parents, and academic mentorship to students. A win-win-win!

Why I Chose GoPeer

I thought I could handle helping my daughter with her schoolwork myself. I thought wrong. Our personalities clash, her feelings get hurt, I get upset, she ends up in tears…. My partner works most evenings, so he’s not able to help her as often. She LOVES when he helps her with her homework, though. Mommy is just a big meanie that lacks compassion, if you were to ask her! I don’t try to be mean and impatient; it just comes off like that. I don’t want her memories of school and me to be traumatizing.

We realized she needed 1:1 tutoring that came from outside our home. First, I needed something affordable. Second, Ady needed someone with the right credentials and the right personality fit. I had no idea where to turn. When I heard about GoPeer, I got really excited. We signed up, a bunch of potential tutors started reaching out, they all had amazing resumes, and we finally decided to meet with Anna. We got a free 15-minute video call (which we did right on my phone!) with her to see how she and Ady connected and then set up her first hour of tutoring for a couple nights later.

The scheduling is SUPER flexible. I was able to cook dinner while Ady sat with Anna on the computer at the kitchen table, and the best part was THERE WERE NO TEARS!!! Ady laughed some, was really engaged, and started catching on to the math principles Anna was working on with her. It made this mama’s life so much easier that first night. The two of them have a standing Tuesday night date now, and I can’t wait to see how Ady does the rest of the school year and going into Middle School next year.

How It Works

Signing up with GoPeer is as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Sign up with GoPeer
    2. Use Code CITYMOM20 for a $20 one-hour tutoring credit + a FREE 7-day trial
    3. Answer a few questions, and then choose the tutor that is right for your child

In your user portal, you can see your messages (they can also come straight to your email and in text form to your phone), your credits, and the calendar of scheduled tutoring sessions. You can also add family members to your “family portal”, so your kid can login with their own devices for their sessions. And, if you ever need help with anything, they are extremely responsive with their customer service reps!

Get a FREE 7-day trial and a $20 credit! Click their logo, and use the code CITYMOM20 to get started today!



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