Going In-Style In 2020 {Hair Tips for Busy Moms}


Not knowing how to style my hair is a legit problem that I have and one that I want to conquer in 2020. This year, I will work on my hair a little more. I’ll try different styles, colors, and see about hair extensions that I can re-use to add length.

My problem is not the cut or what style to go with, my struggle is in styling it myself and getting it to stay for the rest of the day or event.

Growing up, I never played with my hair. I thought it was so weird that girls would stay inside to flat iron hair (with a real iron to iron clothes with), do make-up, nails, etc. I was never into putting time into myself. Maybe it was a lack of confidence. Maybe it was because I hung out with guys enough to know how they would talk about girls and I didn’t want to be mentioned in those discussions. Maybe because I didn’t know how to deal with any attention from guys. All I knew was playing outside and sports!

AND my hair – always up! High ponytail with my pink, black, or purple scrunchy as tight I as I could get it. No braids – didn’t have the patience for them. No headbands – they always slid down and would hurt me behind my ears – I hated them! No buns – thought my ears stuck out too much. No wearing hair down – too hot, in my face, and I’d always end up with a HUGE knot. I’d try the half up but it didn’t last long.


Flash forward to today, now as a mom… not much has changed! I wish I would spend more time playing with my hair and learning how to manage it better, so I am. I’ll make more time for myself and try different things with my hair.

There are many times that I can get away with putting my hair up in a messy bun or just have a fanned out ponytail. BUT there have been times when I could have really done something nice with my hair and didn’t know how, didn’t have the money to get it done, nor the time. So I put it up in one of those two ways. In doing that, it really stressed me out because I failed at doing my hair nicely and then my confidence goes down a bit AND my energy is off.

Being a mama is hard work, ESPECIALLY when you have littles who need you 10000% of the time. All I know how to do is a french braid, a messy bun, a fanned out ponytail, and braid my ponytail – that’s all! I know that adding a headband (which I still dislike) can make your hair look cute or more elegant. Anything else I have no clue, so I have some research to do and then experimenting to see how it turns out.

So here’s what I will try to do and keep in mind.

  1. Don’t be ashamed of the mom bun! It’s totally ok. Even if that’s how you wear your hair ALL OF THE TIME… it’s totally ok! So rock the mom bun!
  2. When it’s time to get ready, close the door and give yourself a little bit of time. Give yourself permission to look hot and sexy (in an elegant way of course!). You’re impressing yourself – not those drunk boys you’d try to look cute for when going out. Play some music that makes you feel good or think that you’re going out with some girlfriends like you would back in the day.
  3. Go out! Going out is good for you because you naturally end up spending a little bit more time on yourself. You want to have a good time, be in a good mood, and you want feel good, too! (This is one of my personal goals for 2020.)
  4. Don’t be afraid to try a new style, hair cut, hair color, extensions, etc. I am so afraid because I think that it’ll look awful on me and then how do I maintain that hair cut/style? In reality, you can tweak different styles to fit your face, personality, and outfit. Hair always grows back and you temporarily fix it until it grows back so you can re-cut, re-color, re-style it. (Another personal 2020 goal.)
  5. If you can’t do it, then get help! I’m sometimes too cheap to go out and get my hair done, but I shouldn’t cheap out on that if that will help me feel better for that night. AND remember… WE deserve to be pampered – even if it’s only once a year! (AND another one of my goals!)

Regardless of what you do with your hair or what you put on your head, do it with confidence because you are one sexy mama!

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