Bringing Cheer Back to the Holidays


It is the holiday season… even if it may not feel like it. I had to phone a friend to come up with ideas for this article because honestly, I can drown in the daily news. When this happens, creating cheer does not come naturally. To get in the spirit, you may need some help. That is okay.

If you are there, fair enough. The thing is though… we are moms and so naturally we are going to still try to create holiday cheer for our kids. Luckily, when we create this joy, it often spreads to us in the process. Win-win.

If you are stuck on how to create some memories and holiday cheer without risking exposure, check out the ideas below for inspiration.


JibJab Your family

Yes, we are kicking it back a decade-plus… but who cares? We are stuck inside; why not laugh at yourself while sipping on some hot cocoa? Instead of turning your family into elves, JibJab now features treats like “Santa’s Twerkshop,” “Macareindeer,” and “Gangnam Style – Christmas Edition.” The 2020 version of JibJab comes with a cost of $24 for a year’s worth of spit and germ-free cards.

Pull Out the Puff Paint

There is something about a bottle of puff paint that makes us not take life so seriously. Grab a few bottles of the ’80s inspired goo and a pair of new socks. Decorate the bottom of the socks with fun messages or designs. When they dry, donate the socks to a local nursing home or retirement center. The puff paint on the bottom will create a grip for traction, while the messages will bring a smile to the face of the residents.

Join a Secret Santa Group

Do you remember during the days of stress-filled-all-nighters and exams, something as simple as a Secret Santa gift would give the day a whimsical feeling? Want to give it another visit but unsure how to distribute the names to everyone? Guess what – there are websites that generate the names for you! Fancy, huh?

A Secret Santa does not need to be a big thing – send cards, texts, and small presents. If you live local, you can definitely drop items off at a doorstep, but be mindful of those pesky Ring doorbells that may out you via video.

Decorate Ornaments

Target, Michaels, or even Dollar Tree typically have cheap ornaments to fill with garland and trinkets. If you want to go a bit further, local art studios likely have clay ornaments to paint at home. Alternatively, you can really go old school and make your own dough ornaments. Bit of warning here: animals will eat the dough ornaments. You’ve been warned.

Homemade Cards

Guess what? All the scrapbooking paper you bought circa 1998 can finally be used! Sit down with your kiddos and make your family and friends cards for the holidays. If you have already pre-ordered your stash, leave cards on cars or on neighbors’ porches. Deliver the paper wishes to nursing homes or hospitals.

If you cannot bring yourself to make cards, use the paper to create paper chains or origami. You can even make paper ornaments for the trees. Keep in mind the memory is in the creating, not the creation. This holds especially true for young ones.

Spread Cheer

It’s easy to get caught up in what is missing, but try to think of it in another light. A tradition must start somewhere and is often created when families change or time passes.

This could be the year something magical is built on creating the cheer we hear in each Christmas carol. Create something fresh by bringing back something old and blending it into a new tradition.


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