Everything Won’t Get Done And That’s Okay {Homeschool Tips}


I am a type B personality with type A tendencies. I am amazing at going with the flow, but I do better with a clear and concise plan. After deciding to homeschool our early-elementary-age children this year (1 toddler, 1 preschool, 1 between pre-k and k, 1 between k-1st), I told myself I need to set a schedule and stick to it.

So, I did a trial run on daily schedules for two weeks using YMCA summer camp adventure kits as a “curriculum.” After day three in week one, I found myself tired and frustrated. The kids were having a blast… but I was definitely not.


Adding the education of three small children to my already full plate as a SAHM who is in the middle of a midwifery apprenticeship was madness. At the end of week one, I sat down with my planner and reflected back on the past seven days.

What could I have done better or differently? How could I delegate more tasks to my fantastic husband? Why did I feel like a chicken with my head cut off some days and totally zen other days?

It wasn’t due to lack of planning! I forgot one of the most important rules of motherhood that I share so often with others: “Give yourself grace.” The days where I felt the freest and less stress were the days that I let the dishes sit in the sink a little longer, and went outside and enjoyed the sunshine with my babies. Week two went by so fast, but time does fly when you are having fun! I focused less on the timestamps and more on the activities. Letting the days flow while still keeping us mostly on track.

As I type this, we are now entering week two of our official homeschool year, and things are going well. The kids are enjoying learning and I am enjoying teaching them. We have a pretty good rhythm down… for now! I do understand that every family’s reality is different; parents are making the best decisions that they can to fit their family’s needs. 

Remember the way you did things before might not work now and that is ok. Part of motherhood is growing and learning alongside the little humans we have been given the privilege of raising. Be kind to yourself (and others) as you continue to navigate this new season of mothering.  


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