There is Hope in Resiliency


As humans across the globe experience degrees of grief, separation and loss through our current crisis, there is light, unity and joy in what we have gained.


We grieve the physical closeness of family and friends, yet we gain opportunities for deeper connection and conversation in our homes, with the neighbors on (the other side of) our streets, and virtually across the miles.

We grieve the canceled events, dinners and activities that filled our calendars, yet we gain pockets of free time, space to think and room to rest.

We grieve access to our beloved arts and sports, yet we gain unlimited access to fresh air, nature, and outdoor exploration on the brink of spring.

We grieve predictability and security, yet we gain creativity in how we cook, play, work and interact with each other.

We grieve our weekly faith gatherings, yet we see churches rising up to stream messages and music of hope into our homes and to serve our communities virtually.

We grieve control over our routines, yet we gain a big-picture perspective and empathy for our fellow humans across the globe as we respond to a universal crisis.

And we grieve normalcy, yet we gain the opportunity to see beautiful examples of love and the resiliency of the human spirit.

This light in the darkness is the foundation of hope for our tomorrow.



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