Five Places to Buy Houseplants in Cincinnati


One of the big quarantine trends we’ve seen is the uptick in houseplant owners. I myself joined the plant mom club back in March, and my house is close to jungle status now. I fell in love with houseplants because taking care of them is a quiet, stress-reducing activity and the plants themselves bring some design interest to my house. If I’m going to be stuck in my house 24/7, it can at least look good!


Extra bonus? Many of the houseplants provide air purification. Remember that last point for when your partner starts asking about all your new houseplants. If you’re interested in starting your own houseplant collection, here are five places to buy houseplants in Cincinnati.

  1. Fleurish Grounds is located in Madisonville and first became popular for “plant pop-ups” on Instagram. The shop then evolved to sales from a detached garage, and now they’re renovating a space in downtown Madisonville for a storefront! The owner is extremely sweet and will help guide you on what plants are appropriate for your space.
  2. Delhi Flower & Garden Center is actually located in Liberty Township, and is a hidden gem! You’ll find all your plant and garden needs here. From outdoor landscaping options to houseplants to cacti, they’ve got you covered! If you’re new to plant mom life, don’t worry! The staff is very knowledgeable and can help you make choices when shopping.
  3. Fern Shop is an adorable storefront in the College Hill area that can help you with all our plant mom needs. “Bridging design and nature, Fern offers a carefully edited selection of beautiful and unique objects along with a curated assortment of houseplants.”
  4. Gregory Creek is another location that offers both indoor and outdoor plants. They are tucked away, which means you have a better chance of snagging some of the more unique houseplants!
  5. A J Rahn Greenhouses always has a unique supply of indoor and outdoor plants. “Today the fifth generation of the Rahn family offers Cincinnati a wonderful selection of high-quality flowering bedding, holiday flowers, houseplants, vegetable and fruiting plants.”

If you’re looking for more places to buy houseplants in Cincinnati, make sure you check out the plant swap groups on Facebook! Just head over to Facebook and search “plants *insert your city*” and you’ll be AMAZED at how many buy/sell/trade and swap groups there are. These groups provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in not only plant care, but places to buy houseplants in Cincinnati!


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