I Have Nothing to Wear…


I have nothing to wear…

Oh, how many times has my husband heard this phrase?  Every season it’s the same words repeated.  Fall is my favorite season for clothes shopping.  Most of the year I’m pretty easy shopping wise.  Step one, go to Costco, Step two, buy all the shirts.  Bam. Done.  

However, fall gets my creative juices flowing for fashion. Flowing, yet it never quite comes together. So a few years ago when I heard about Stitch Fix, I got excited.  Finally, someone to shop for me, send it to my house and I could try it all on in the comfort of my own home.  We all know how it is to shop with kids, especially a baby or toddler.  So over the years every fall, I would schedule a fix or two and sometimes a fix throughout the year.  Plus there’s nothing like seeing this box by your front door. Swoooon!

Fashion: I have nothing to wear

Here was my fix.  It probably would’ve been a 5/5, but I didn’t adjust my size correctly.  I’ve lost about 15 lbs since the last time I used them and I was afraid to go down in size.  So I’m keeping one thing, the floral shirt at the bottom.  It was a great fix though!  They also send style cards, which is where they show you how to wear each piece.  I keep all those in my closet when I’m trying to piece together an outfit.  

Fashion: I have nothing to wear

As you can see I requested all shirts because I’m extremely picky on pants.  Also since I’m on a budget and slightly cheap, I’ll let you in on my secret!  I love a certain brand of jeans, they run about $150 for each pair.  My secret tip is to go to somewhere like Nordstrom or Macy’s where they sell your favorite jeans, try them on and see what you like.  Take a pic of the care tag, the name of the jeans so you’ll have it for when you get home.  Get on Poshmark and then search on there for the jeans you want!  Poshmark is an app where you buy/sell clothes.  I haven’t paid full price for jeans in a few years now.  In fact, I average about $30 for jeans, name brand! 

Now all this would have you thinking that I actually go out for fancy drinks with friends or something cool like that.  Unfortunately, since I’m a stay at home Mom, Target sees the best of me most days.  


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