Six Reasons Why I Love October


Not to sound basic, but I have loved fall and pumpkin-flavored/scented items before it was cool… basically since I was 4. My birthday is in mid-October and I have always had an appreciation for all things fall.

October is happy, cozy, beautiful, and fun.


There is not much more that I could ask for in my birthday month.

  1. I love everything pumpkin-flavored or scented. Several of my birthdays when I was a kid, I asked for a pumpkin pie instead of a birthday cake. The nice thing about the fall now is there are numerous amounts of pumpkin-flavored candles, hand soaps, tortilla chips, you name it. A lot of my family now buys me pumpkin-related decor and food for my birthday and I love it.
  2. Halloween is in October. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It is all about having fun, dressing up, enjoying the company of others, and candy. It is a very laid back holiday. I have been known to have Halloween and costume-themed birthday parties before.
  3. The weather is comfortable and perfect for hoodies, sweaters, and scarves… some of my favorite things to wear.
  4. Bonfires. There is nothing that I like better than sitting around a fire with a blanket and the people that I love, enjoying great conversation.
  5. It is absolutely beautiful outside in October. The trees are still plentiful with leaves of yellow, orange, and red. In October, the outdoors are breathtaking.
  6. October is a great time to do outdoor shopping such as the outlets and fall festivals. In Cincinnati, it is usually warm enough in October that you don’t need to wear a ton of layers outside.
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Zandria is originally from Northwest Ohio. She met her husband in the beginning of her freshmen year of college. He is a born and raised Cincinnati west sider. He took her home to meet the family that December and Zandria fell in love with her husband and Cincinnati. It was an easy decision to make as to what city they would live in after Zandria was done with school. Zandria has been married since 2008 and has lived in Cincinnati since 2009. She has two wonderful boys whom are 4 and 1 and also is pregnant with a third baby due in August 2017. When Zandria is not driving her boys around the city to have an adventure, she enjoys sewing, crafts in general, taking pictures of her family, debating with her husband over who is using a word correctly (and often getting out the dictionary), coffee, and great conversation.


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