Mama, I See You…



I see you navigating the waters of comparison, seeing all of these moments being lived out loud by others while you feel a rising against you.

I see you gathering the strength to get on the floor and play with your littles while you feel a layered to-do list calling your name.

I see you shouldering the transitions of leaving the house for multiple activities in a week as your grocery list grows longer every day and meal planning for all the moving parts feels like a full-time job.

I see you building relationships in different ways than you desire as quality time feels harder to accomplish and you miss the consistency of time with your people.

i see you

This is the thing, Mama. The waters of expectation, of disappointment, of comparison can always rise up in your day with a force to overtake you. Yet, you are stronger and more resilient than you even realized and you can RISE up against these waters as you sit shoreline at times and let yourself be embraced from just where you are right now. You do not always have to be surfing the waves to be adventurous and brave.

  • Give yourself grace in your day to do the next best thing. You do not have to shoulder it all and saying no to things that do not anchor your peace in this season is a kindness to yourself and to others.
  • Know the highest priority on your to-do list. You will constantly have things you can add to your list that the different roles you live can invest in. Some days do not need you to cover them all as you focus on the ONE thing that would help you face the next day with more readiness.
  • IT may serve THEM, but it’s ok if “it” doesn’t serve you. You know Mama how you struggle to see those goals/pursuits/activities someone else may be posting about on social media and you feel in some way you need to keep up with their pace. You are able to celebrate their movement while also choosing stillness for yourself.
  • Know your season. If I have ONE piece of advice to share with a Mama it is those three words. I’ll say them again: KNOW YOUR SEASON. If you learn what investments are part of your season, then the yes and the no you give to yourself and to others will flow more authentically and unapologetically.
  • Guilt does not need to have a say in where and how you show up. You have power in your story to protect your peace and your pace.

Mama, I see you loving in the rising waters and learning how to hold on to your people with stamina, with strength, with steadfastness, and living with joy for the journey. Embrace who you are to one another and let yourself choose which waters rise up to greet you.

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Hi, my name is Trishia and something that I value about my story is how my heart is outstretched throughout the world and I have many "homes" that fuel my soul. Being born and raised in Alabama, my southern roots remain a deep part of me. Living in New Orleans and then relocating to Cincinnati, post Hurricane Katrina, I learned how being exposed to culture and diversity can build empathy into a person. Married a generous, humble, hard-working man, Brett, from Cincinnati and then later moved to Kenya, Africa where our years spent working overseas has shaped my soul in more ways than I can articulate. We are now back in Cincinnati, investing in building a staffing company, and after 15 years of marriage are raising an 8 year old son, a 9 year old daughter, and a 10 year old son. Jesus is my anchor; I love quality time, sharing heart to heart;, traveling the world remains a passion; witnessing community loving one another well encourages me; photography is a lens I use to invest into the hearts of others at T Ralston Photography {}


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