A Cincinnati Moms Blog Scavenger Hunt: IKEA Edition {With Printable}


I’m not going to lie. I love a good trip to IKEA. I will happily push a giant, hard to move cart around for hours or stuff myself full of Swedish meatballs at the cafe. I basically feel like I’m Joanna Gaines from The Fixer Upper and that my visit to the store will do awesome things for the organization/style/cleanliness of my home. My husband, on the other hand, would probably rather go anywhere else.

For those of you who are like me, or those who merely want to survive an IKEA trip without your kids (and spouse!) asking, “When are we going?” 15 to 20 times, here is a scavenger hunt to make your time a little more fun (and bearable).

Click on the image for a printable version!

IkeaHuntI hope this makes your IKEA trip amazing (or at least tolerable.) If you give it a try with your kiddos we would love to hear about the experience. You can comment here or post a picture for us on Facebook with the #CMBscavengerhunt


**PSA** Scavenger hunts aside though, you really should check out the IKEA West Chester website for some fun happenings at the store. They have things like a weekly story and craft for kids! Not to mention, a some delicious food to enjoy there or take home.
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