Kid Responsibility Poll: What Would You Do?


My 13 year old lost his retainer over the weekend. I took him back to where he lost it. I sat and waited while he looked through multiple bags of garbage at a local fast food restaurant. Sadly he couldn’t find it. So the following Tuesday I took him back to the orthodontist where he paid, with his own money, for the replacement.

And where I was judged.

I was judged at many points in this journey. I was judged by the some of the staff and patrons at the fast food restaurants for not helping him look. I was judged by friends and family for my policy of his retainer, his responsibility. And I was judged by the orthodontist staff who fawned over him: “poor _____, you lost your retainer and I am so sorry you have to pay for it.”

My response, tough s*%&. I did not lose the retainer. I was not even there when the retainer was lost. I made it clear the day he got his retainer: if he lost it, he looked for it and if he could not find it, he paid for it. I am not doing anything that I didn’t do myself. When I was in college I chose not to wear my retainer and had to buy a new one when my old one did not fit. I am giving him the option to work off part of the money this summer.

So I ask you, dear blog readers for an honest reaction. I was surprised by the lack of support so maybe I am too harsh. What do you think?  Is he learning a valuable lesson?

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I grew up in Wilmington, OH but am a Cincinnati girl at heart. I attended The (BEST) Ohio University, after which I met and married my husband of 18 years. After 2 kids (a 13 year old boy and a 8 year old girl) and 2 moves (Portland OR and Greensboro NC) we are back in our hometown and enjoying all Greater Cincinnati has to offer. As a contributor, I hope to pass on my love for this town and remind everyone that parenting is a messy business that is best dealt with a sense of humor, a stiff drink and a supporting cast of family and friends as crazy as you are


  1. You go girl! Our kids need to learn responsibility from us! Your son will always remember this and the next time he will value and respect his belongings. Same rules go at my house. For my 8 year old. You break a toy because your angry? You will replace it with your money. You are mad that you have to take the trash out so you drag it allllllllllll the way across the front yard and the bag breaks. You are cleaning it up. These expectations are set from the beginning and I am more than happy to teach him and help him until he gets it. You are doing it right! Your son will thank you one day momma!


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