Kids’ Movies That Need [More] Sequels or Spin-Offs


There are plenty of adult movies that for me, they’ve simply made too many of – Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, and Die Hard come to mind. But, when it comes to kids’ movies, there are a few series that I wouldn’t even be mad about if we had sequels or spin-offs, or both.

I’m pretty in love with the fact that my kids haven’t gotten so far into the princesses or the Star Wars series that we can’t enjoy these other gems.

moviesSing & Sing 2. The first Sing movie made me legit cry when they performed together at the end. So many fun characters to get to know and love. And Sing 2, having Bono was just amazing. My kids were so impressed I knew all the songs again before it even got going. I know we are only up to Sing 2, but I can think of so many ways we could take the characters already. With the new theater and them having a residency in “pretend Vegas” – they have star power to take on the road!

Cars. We love all three movies and can’t wait for number four, and honestly, hope they’re planning on a number five, too. It’s just one of those series that everyone can enjoy and be a part of. The music, the humor, the shift of Lightning McQueen as he ages and grows up in the spotlight and shares it finally with a girl driver. Can’t leave those movies without a smile on your face. I’d love to see a spin-off with some of the characters, like Cruz, or go back in time and do a black-and-white version with Doc. Yes, I know, I’ve thought about this too much.

Trolls, Trolls Holiday and Trolls WorldTour. These movies are just FUN. Big messages about respecting people who are different and letting go of long-held beliefs and trusting your gut. Winning messages, with amazing music and characters (hello, Justin Timberlake) – but really, why can’t we have a Trolls Wedding, some Trolls babies, and kicking it with some Trolls Oldies at some point? Please?

Back to the Outback. This Netflix movie was just adorable, and we really wish there was more! The different animals showed their strengths and banded together to accomplish a goal – and showed the flaws of humans while they were at it. Heartwarming and sweet all wrapped up in one with some decent humor for the adults watching, too. The follow-up could very easily follow any of the individual animals, or they could work through a climate issue as a current event (I’m thinking of an improvement over the way Happy Feet did this).

The Croods and The Croods: A New Age. While some parts of these movies are just kinda goofy, they make you laugh and my kids have followed up those movies by making very interesting artwork and creatively problem-solving in the yard. The second added some new characters, and as they’ve continued to seek safety and followed storylines that happened historically, there are a lot of storylines that could be followed.

Elena of Avalor. While this is a series, not a movie, and it is a princess, I’m going to throw it on here as I’m sad it wasn’t celebrated more. The show is so twisty and turny with the characters and storylines, and the music is so good and catchy. I catch myself singing songs even now, far after watching it. And, like Encanto and Moana, there’s no boy to take the lead. Elena had just become queen at the end – now it’s time to see her reign!

Other than sneaking some music in my AirPods, I haven’t had control over the TV in my house or the radio in my car for quite some time. I highly recommend finding the stuff you tolerate and maybe even like to make this time of our lives a little more enjoyable.


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