I Didn’t Do Laundry and Here’s What Happened

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No matter how many children you have or where you are in motherhood, life is chaotic.

Zips Dry Cleaners

Scheduling appointments, school events, evening activities, and commitments outside the home leave us with little breathing room. Housework consumes our lives. Preparing meals, dishes, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, and laundry. Every “little thing” adds up, leaving less time to focus on what is valuable most: family time.

As a mom of four, laundry is one of my most time-consuming tasks. Between sorting, washing, drying, folding, and putting away my clothes, my children’s clothes, towels, swimwear, bedding, and the occasional the shower liners, curtains, and miscellaneous items it never ends. Let’s not forget those dry clean only items and clothes that need to be ironed and pressed. You know what I mean.

Sometimes I wonder. How much time would I save if I didn’t do laundry? What would life look like if I had an extra 4-5 hours a week for the important things?

But if I don’t do my laundry, who will?

ZIPS Dry Cleaners understand how hectic life is and offers services perfect for the busy parent. The owner and operator, Josh, is a local father of two and knows the struggles of balancing work, housework, and parenthood. Family time is precious, and ZIPS is available to minimize the extra busywork. Laundry is time-consuming. Imagine having one less chore to worry about while gaining more time with your family!

With same-day pick up available, ZIPS not only provides dry cleaning but a variety of other laundering services. Have a bulky comforter to clean? Those shirts that need to be pressed? ZIPS has you covered.

Now, here’s the best part. Wait for it.

ZIPS will wash, dry, and fold regular laundry and bedding with their laundry drop-off option. Yes, that’s a thing! You take your laundry to them – they wash it, dry it and fold it. Then, you pick it up! (CMC Note: Be still my mama heart! I think I hear the angels singing!)

What happens when ZIPS does my laundry?

I took them a load of my children’s clothes, a jacket for dry cleaning, some shirts to be pressed, and a comforter to be cleaned. Drop-off was super quick and easy, and with parking, directly in front of the store, this is especially convenient. Even after hours, you can drop off your laundry in a dropbox. ZIPS offers large bags, which was awesome, because we need all the hands we can get when children are with us, something a laundry basket does not allow.

After a quick drop off, I was able to lessen my chore burden and claim more time with my children, time that quickly adds up with folding and putting laundry away. I sat in a coffee shop with my younger children. I was relaxed, knowing I had one less task, and knowing I was in good hands. Pick-up was just as quick and easy as drop off. I was in and out in what felt like seconds!

Zips Dr Cleaners
The finished product!

What does it cost for ZIPS to do my laundry?

Parenthood is not cheap. You may think paying someone to do your laundry is an extravagant luxury, but how many of us pay for help in other ways? Drop-in daycare, a babysitter for a night out, house cleaning, meal-delivery services or take-out, lawn care, etc. Many of us already utilize extra help because we know that we can’t do it all. ZIPS offers prices that can’t be beaten (CMC Note: Trust us. We checked!) with dry-cleaning $2.49 per garment and shirts laundered and pressed for $1.99. And that awesome wash, dry, and fold option? Just $1.39/lb. for a minimum of 10lbs., which is about 5 lbs. less than a regular full laundry basket.

Over the years, I have learned there is no shame in utilizing help. I’m a stay-at-home mom and my previous ideas about being able to do it all came to a screeching halt when I quit my job. There is no shame in seeking an extra hand or service to lessen the stress.

A week without laundry was a blessing I didn’t expect. I had more time to slow down, look my kids in the eye, sip my coffee (while it was hot!) and read to them. There are so many tasks and chores and responsibilities, and with ZIPS pricing it’s help I can actually afford!

“Stop getting taken to the cleaners! Take it to ZIPS!

Zips Dry Cleaners

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