Lessons from My Kitchen Window


UntitledWhen we bought our first house as newlyweds, I gave very little thought to the view from my kitchen window. We loved so many other things about the house that it didn’t really even occur to me that this was a detail that would prove to be important to me. But, in fact it has now become one of the most important details of our current home.

In our first house, the view from the window was of my neighbors house. The side of their house had a door that I guess must have served a purpose once upon a time, however in today’s world, it was an awkward two feet off the ground leading into two feet of side yard and it served zero purpose at all. Looking at this door proved to be annoying for me… I guess it messed with my Feng Shui somehow.

I spent a lot of time in that kitchen because I love cooking. I also bathed my babies in the kitchen sink in the beginning. I hated the view out that window and somehow it tainted those two wonderful experiences for me. (That’s a lot of power to give to a window.)

Then we moved. And I found the window that completed me. In the winter, I am often blessed to see gorgeous red cardinals in sharp contrast to the snow. In the fall, the leaves on the trees are simply breathtaking. I can be productive while watching my children swing in the hammock, play on their play set or chase bubbles on the deck. In the spring, doing dishes is so much better with my view of budding greenery and the birds on my bird feeder outside.

I know it is a window. And those of you reading this, who know me well, know that it is not often that I get this poetic about anything, much less an inanimate object, but to me, it is more than a window. It has taught me a lot about my life.

  • I have learned to take some moments in every day to appreciate the beauty of nature. We are beyond lucky to have the backyard we do and I am reminded of that every single day because of this window.
  • I have learned to listen for laughter. With even the smallest crack of the window, I can hear my children playing. I can go about my “to do” list knowing that they are in the throes of theirs.
  • I have learned to find joy in the simple things. I love the old trees in my yard. I love my hammock. I love bird watching (who knew?). And I love pieces of all of the seasons and all kinds of weather.
  • I have learned about my children. I am able to bear witness to them playing together and loving one another (most of the time) without being an intrusive presence into that relationship. I am so happy they have one another.

So, yes, I believe that something a simple as the view from your kitchen window can be enough to remind you about the good things you have in your life. Even now, when I think back on that other window with the view of the pointless door I smile because it was the view I had in the house where I got married and started my family. So, I challenge you to take a look out your kitchen window today and find something to be grateful for. Look beyond the need to clean them and the things you see that you would like to change or add to your to-do list. Find something good in that view. And hold onto it.

The Kitchen Windows of the CMB Team



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