Let’s Get This Party Started… {Series}


Do you need a creative head start on planning that next birthday (or other) party?  CMB contributor Christina has you covered!  In this new series, she will be giving tips and ideas for a variety of different themes guaranteed to make your birthday boy/girl smile.



Concept: Dairy of a Wimpy Kid

Want to know what many 5th graders are into? You got it, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. From fun themed cookies, to hanging “wimpy” page decor. You can create a one of a kind party from the beginning to end. I am spilling all the inside details of this cool themed party for one cool kid.

Food: Cool brown paper bag sack lunches are simple, cute and go with the theme. First, on the outside of the bag, add labels with each child’s name and “lunch” on them. Next, we fill the bags with the finest lunch goodies including sliced apples, cheese and crackers, and sandwiches.

For more DIY food ideas visit: Mommy Hates Cooking

Decoration: Color scheme should be shown in most aspects of the decorations. I recommend focusing on the black and white as seen in the book and have black and white stripped table cloths. The entrance to the party can be filled with black hanging, enlarged Diary of a Wimpy Kid book pages, which can be handmade on poster board cut in half. Then set up a simple photo “booth” station with photo booth props of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid characters.

Check out this great site for decoration samples: Lucia G Estudio

image3Activity: Have the children write their own version of a “wimpy” story. Designate a table where each child can sit and write in their own journal. As a part of the décor, use black and white composition journals and arrange them on the writing table as if the children were sitting in a classroom. There are so many different stories in the book to pull from. Use those stories as activity guides.

Party Favors: Package Diary of a Wimpy Kid books for each child to take home with them and personalize the thank you tags using creative printables.

Here is a sample from It’s Written on the Wall


 Concept: “It’s all about the Cupcake”

There is nothing better than seeing girls decorate cupcakes. Especially with all the topping creativity they can imagine. A cupcake decorating party is the way to go when planning a fun activity filled day with a group full of energy.

Food: Use traditional paper cupcake cups and fill them with fruit or other snacks to maintain the cupcake theme on the food table as well. You can also circle cut sandwiches with cupcake toppers in the middle holding them together. Another food idea is to use polka dot candy bags and fill them with popcorn.

Again, a great resource for more food ideas is Mommy Hates Cooking.

Decoration:   It is always more personal when you include custom décor with the birthday child’s name and theme shown throughout the event. A custom banners is a good start. You can find free printables on ETSY.com and even by Googling “free party printable.” For other simple decorations try hanging cupcake shaped paper lanterns from the ceiling and placing the extras on the floor. And of course you will want to set up a small cupcake bar. Adding a separate station for all of the cupcake toppings, this will make the party feel that much more personalized. Finally, add in a few real cupcakes around the party site. Edible décor is always a bonus!

Get great ideas for detailed cupcake decorating by Pinterest searching “cupcake party decorations”.

image4Activity: The guests at the party will be very eager to dive in once they arrive at a party filled with sweets. Therefore, make the cupcake decorating the first activity. Guide them to decorate individual cupcake boxes (that way the box is ready for the cupcake.) When finished, transition right into the cupcake bar and decorating individual cupcakes.

Take a look at one of my favorite cupcake parties.

image6Party Favors: “To-go” cupcake boxes filled with packaged cupcakes (I prefer mini cupcakes for this.)


If you try any of the themes you see in these posts, we would love to see them!  Share with CMB on Facebook or by emailing photos to [email protected]


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