Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

Thank you for being such a wonderful role model. Thank you for the countless back scratches and hugs and the constant “I love yous.” Thank you for introducing me to God and teaching me the importance of faith and prayer. Thank you for showing me what a truly wonderful mom and woman is and giving me someone to strive to be. Thank you for always having a soft heart.

Thank you for putting up with watching Matilda, When Harry Met Sally, I Love Lucy, and Little Women nearly 200 times with me without a complaint. Thank you for letting me watch R-rated movies from time-to-time when I had my friends over in high school. Thank you for being the “cool” but responsible mom and only embarrassing me in front of my friends sometimes.

Thank you for letting me think I was being independent when secretly you were there the whole time watching me to make sure I was safe. Thank you for supporting me on every goal that I have ever tried to achieve and being my biggest fan. Thank you for being so strong and positive every single day. Thank you for answering every call (or calling me right back) and text. Thank you for always giving me advice (even when I don’t ask). Thank you for holding me when I cry even now as an adult.

Thank you for going to every single OBGYN appointment when I was pregnant with each of my babies. Thank you for loving my children as your own. Thank you watching them whenever I need help and actually wanting to watch them. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving the same love to my husband when he became part of the family and welcoming him with open arms. Thank you for helping us solve any problem or difficulty that we face and even offering your car when ours breaks down.

Thank you for being my very best friend. You truly are wonderful, genuine, selfless, supportive, patient, nurturing and a million other things. I wish I could show you how incredibly thankful I am for you and give you the world like you have given me. Thank you, mom. I love you with my entire heart.


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My name is Rachel and I am a local photographer, mommy of two, and wife. I was born and raised in Cincinnati and love it here. My family and I are huge baseball fans! We love the Reds and try to catch as many games as possible (we even had a Reds themed wedding!). My little family loves to explore fun and beautiful places around he city and do impromptu photo sessions as much as we can. We are a silly bunch who spends most of our time goofing around and laughing as much as possible. I am excited to be writing for CMB and cant wait to share my life stories with you all !


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