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Recently, three members of the Cincinnati Moms Blog team were given the opportunity to sample and experience some of the Little Passports subscription boxes. Little Passports is a monthly mail subscription service focused on world exploration. First, you select your experience from three different adventure packages designed for children ages 3-12. Your introductory kit will arrive with everything your child needs to get started. Destination-specific packages then arrive every month filled with letters, souvenirs, activities & more. After that, each month, you and your children will explore and enjoy your next global adventure. (Product descriptions courtesy of

Our first review focuses on the Early Explorers package, recommended for ages 3-5 years old.

Early Explorers Travelers Kit
Early Explorers Travelers Kit

The day the Little Passports box arrived my three-year-old asked me “what’s that?” a million times.  He simply couldn’t contain his excitement, and neither could I.  He was thrilled to open the box and find his very own travel suitcase full of goodies.  We opened up the large world map and he instantly began pointing out the assorted landmarks and animals.

Based on his age, he’s an “early explorer”, and we’ll be learning about the seven continents over the next many months.  The first shipment had the suitcase (and luggage tag), world map, activity book, and stickers that lay the groundwork for what the coming months will hold.  It looks like we have lots to look forward to – namely age-appropriate learning about those continents, including food, animals, landmarks, music, oceans, natural wonders, and art.  There are even tiny souvenirs based on the places you “visit”!   He’s three-and-a-half (and he doesn’t love to be still) so he lasted long enough to sticker up the suitcase, but I haven’t seen him since then.  He’s been carrying it around with him, loading it with assorted goodies.

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Here’s what the Activity Book looks like!                             photo credit:

Our lifestyle (and budget) don’t really allow for a $200 (12 months subscription that includes shipping) annual investment, but I would absolutely consider this idea for a combined gift (like maybe his birthday and Christmas).  If you are in the business of trying to keep the toys to a minimum, this kind of gift makes perfect sense.  It’s a fun way to learn, self-contained, and is something to look forward to each month.


Later today, we will take a look at the World Edition and USA Edition subscription packages.


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