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Recently, three members of the Cincinnati Moms Blog team were given the opportunity to sample and experience some of the Little Passports subscription boxes. Little Passports is a monthly mail subscription service focused on world exploration. First, you select your experience from three different adventure packages designed for children ages 3-12. Your introductory kit will arrive with everything your child needs to get started. Destination-specific packages then arrive every month filled with letters, souvenirs, activities & more. After that, each month, you and your children will explore and enjoy your next global adventure. (Product descriptions courtesy of

Our second review focuses on the World Edition package, recommended for ages 5-10 years old.

As a working mother, I’m always looking for ways to spend quality time with my son and am particularly interested in finding fun ways to teach him about the world in which we live. It turns out that I am not the only parent interested in this because there is a product that brings the world to your door — Little Passports.

IMG_1059The introductory package from Little Passports came in a box with some fancy stamps and stickers to make it appear as though it had been shipped from afar. I liked that little detail, and my son was excited about being the recipient of a package just for him!! He tore into it and discovered a little blue suitcase (which he loved!), a passport (to be personalized with name and photo), a boarding pass, a sizable world map, fun activities, a postcard, stickers, and a letter introducing the two kids (Sam and Sofia) my son will be receiving further mailings from over the course of his subscription. The letter, written by Sam, goes on to explain the fantastic events that led up to Sofia and his amazing adventure around the world. The story is imaginative and adds a personal touch to this learning experience. My son seemed curious about these two adventuresome kids and excited to join them in their explorations.

The map was of great interest to W (age 5). He is on the low end of the age range for the World Edition (5-10), and I can see where some of the activities will be a bit more of a challenge for him. That’s not to say that they are age-inappropriate or that he cannot do them; he can, but it will take a bit more effort for him to grasp some of the material. For example, one of the activities was to explore animals from around the world. This exercise described the habitat of the countries in which these various animals live, and he was supposed to use these clues to figure out on which continent the countries were located. The problem is that W does not yet have a working knowledge of what a country is versus a continent. I decided to start out with the basics and show him where we, his grandparents, and others live in the United States/North America and briefly introduced him to the other continents. I read the descriptions of the different animals to him and asked him to find the continent by color and then he wrote down the corresponding letter next to the correct continent. If nothing else, I feel that it is a good way to get us talking about the big, wide world, and he got to practice writing his letters.

IMG_1064The other activities were easier for him. He got to use a “secret code” (matching numbers up with corresponding letters) to spell out different ways to say “hello” in different languages. I really liked this activity as it got him to practice his numbers and his letters, and it introduced the concept that not everyone speaks English. The other activity – W’s favorite – was a hidden picture search for flags from different counties. Once all the flags had been found, W counted them up to discover the age of his new friends, Sam and Sofia.

IMG_1072 IMG_1066
A “boarding pass” with a code also comes with each mailing, enabling you to play additional games and activities online. I set up an account for W, but he has yet to participate in this portion of the adventure. While I’m sure he will be very excited to play on Mommy’s computer, I feel that the activities are a bit too advanced for him at this time. Older kids may enjoy this portion more, simply for the fact that it’s online and not written; I know my son loves working on a computer or tablet. World trivia, more information about continents, and a map puzzle are included on this current boarding pass. Each mailing will include more activities to explore the world.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic learning tool for kids of all ages. The story and activities are fun and engaging — I don’t think that W realized that he was learning and practicing skills that need to be developed. I look forward to receiving our new country kits and exploring the world with my son and our new friends, Sam and Sophia!

For more information on Little Passports, check out our earlier review on the Early Explorers subscription and our upcoming review on the USA Edition HERE.

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