Make Your Day Fancy


My girls love the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O’Connor.  Aside from not speaking French, my oldest, Nora and Nancy Clancy could easily be BFFs.  From tiaras, to butterflies, to tea parties, to jewelry, she is into all things pretty and all things “girl”.

Nora is also my tough one when it comes to eating.  Even if it’s a food she enjoys (which are few and far between), she still takes FOREVER to eat and eats very little.  Her pediatrician says she is healthy, but I am still constantly looking for ways to engage her in eating as something enjoyable instead of a chore.  Sometimes this means making the food itself fun (ie using cookie cutters to make fun shapes in her PBJ sandwiches).  And other times, we try to dress up the presentation, a la Fancy Nancy.

Our lunch the other day was simple.  We had gone to Jungle Jim’s and picked up some yummy cheese, crackers and salami.  I pulled out one of my nice trays that I got when I got married.  You know… those things you think are “must haves” at the time and you never really use unless you are the one who hosts Thanksgiving every year.  We added some fruit to the mix and lunch was served.

Lunch Platter

But, really this post isn’t about food and it isn’t about Fancy Nancy.  What it is about, is finding those little moments as a mother that add a little magic to your day.  Sometimes just breaking the mold of your every day ins and outs gives you a little burst of extra energy and a little more appreciation of life.  I couldn’t help but smile as I watched my very own Fancy Nancys eat their cheese and cracker lunch.  It was easy, it was fun and it gave everyone a little extra smile on that particular day.  And for me, as the Mom of a difficult eater, I got a break from the dreaded and draining experience of trying to get my child to eat something.  Instead, we all just relaxed, snacked and enjoyed.

Fancy Lunch

I would love to hear what little elements of fun you add to your children’s days from time to time.

Please share in the comments section.


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I am Mom to two beautiful, sassy little girls; Nora & Meredith. It was only after becoming a mother that I really started to appreciate how lucky we are to live in this Southwest Ohio, surrounded by amazing green space, culture, history, sports, and the arts. I love using all aspects of Cincinnati (Dayton and NKY too if I am being honest) as a playground for my kids and myself. I often drag my friends and family from the East side to the West side in search of another new and exciting adventure.


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