Mama-Centric Business Models


Attention, business owners!

For most women, the minute you find out you’re pregnant, you’re filled with joy and are so excited to welcome this little peanut growing inside. Then the day comes and you finally get to do so! Holding your little peanut is so blissful and breathtaking – and then your little darling peanut begins to grow and you find yourself tired, worn out, overwhelmed and helpless… with an endless list of things to do, buy, and go to! 

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work from home, or go to work somewhere, you still have the thankless 24-hour job of raising your child (or children) and more. Included in this 24-hour job is taking care of the house, ourselves, and our children; all of which require us to go out and shop and/or go to multiple appointments.

So what do we need? We need our community to step it up a little more to help us mamas out!

We have all discussed how “the community” has changed worldwide and how being a parent today means you can’t really rely on the community as much as our parents did. For example, I don’t have neighbors I can pass my kids off to so I can go to my appointments or run a quick errand. Another example, I don’t have my parents or family that live close to me that I can ask to watch my kids for a couple of hours. Even if you do have family around, they may not be trustworthy enough, may be too busy, or they’re already helping you so much throughout the week that you don’t want to take advantage of their help on the weekends. Result: you take your kids with you and do your best to not lose it in public. 

Taking your child everywhere is a hassle, especially with kids under 6 and with multiples. I love my kids and love spending time with them. However, there are things I have to do and places that I have to go where I really wish I didn’t have my kids with me. Why? Because it would help keep my sanity!

I personally feel like businesses have not really taken advantage of this change in our culture. Having a place where I could drop my kids off that is within the location where I need to go do XYZ would be an enormous help. Not to mention, women would feel better about themselves, have more patience, shop longer and more often. And they would also treat themselves more often. I won’t even tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had a hair cut or got my hair professionally colored. I won’t go because I don’t want my kids to bother anyone or break anything.

The online world of shopping has helped tremendously; however, I personally like to go out and run a couple of errands and you can’t do everything online, such as go to a doctor’s appointment. To the mamas and papas that have no issues taking their children with them for every errand and every appointment, that’s awesome! I applaud you and your system! Me, and many mamas out there, still need a little more support. 

Here in Cincinnati, you have seen this type of help in some fitness centers and more notably, Ikea. But what about our other big retail stores and warehouse shopping centers, or grocery stores, etc? When are they going to step it up and help a mama out a little more? 

In short, this is a cry for help from a mama, and many other mamas out there, to our big and small businesses, challenging the extension of customer service to help bring back the “community” into “it takes a community to raise a child.”

Keeping your mamas in mind a little more will absolutely help your business grow because it’s a win-win for all!


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Currently a stay at home mompreneur, I am always on the look out for ways to incorporate multiple streams of income into my life so that I may continue to have the flexibility and availability I enjoy with my two young children. I founded Transparent Investment Solutions, LLC and Renewed Fitness Vibrations, LLC to help me live out my God given purpose; offering individual different tools that will help them achieve their dreams and goals. My personal goal is to be an example to other women so they too can achieve financial independence and live the lifestyle they were destined to live. Always seeing myself as a student, I also want to inspire others to be inspired to find their own way in life, while passing on what whatever I have learned. My favourite quotes that motivate me are: " It's not over until I win" and "You can achieve all things through God".


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