This Mama’s Mind is Busy {Is Yours, Too?}


Many reports have shared how the mental load is carried by moms. This is putting it lightly. Our minds are so busy and we are constantly worrying about things our partners often don’t even consider.

I realize I’m playing a bit into a stereotype here, but I do think in any family situation, one person bears this mental burden while the other seemingly is in a blissful state of calm, regardless of gender. If you’re the person bearing the load, you’ll read my list below and identify with it.

And if this is you – you’re my people. I love you.

On the flip side, if you read my busy brain list and think “Hmm, I don’t even know what that is, or why they’d think that,” RUN. Do NOT stop. Do NOT pass go. RUN to your partner, give them a hug and try to see if there’s something you can help them with. Or simply let them know you appreciate what they do – it will go a LOOOOONNNNGGGG way!

To help, I’ve shared how one question can turn into many, and, keep in mind, this list was timed in its creation, and it took literally 132 seconds – which means this is just what comes to mind quickly.

This mama’s mind is busy with…

…which teachers do my kids have this fall?

  • Will they like them?
  • Which friends are in the same class?
  • Do they need a room parent?
  • Which supplies do we already have from last year’s extra purchases that we can use for this year?
  • Does his backpack have any rips/tears to fix? DID WE FORGET TO TAKE ANY FOOD OUT?

…did I remember to switch out the laundry?

  • Crap, wasn’t there something that couldn’t be machine washed in there?
  • I really need to wash the kids’ sheets.
  • If I start laundry now, will it be done before I want to go to bed?

…did we get an oil change for the van yet?

  • I really need to clean out the van before we take it in.
  • Why are there SO MANY MASKS in here?
  • What is that smell?
  • Need to be sure to pack up things in the van for the park later.
  • Don’t forget the bike helmets!

…we need to get family photos done!

  • What is our color scheme?
  • Do we have matching shoes?
  • Are the pants the same color of khaki?
  • Do we want “matchy-matchy” or just coordinated?

…our twins have a birthday coming up!

  • Who do we invite to the party?
  • What is the party theme?
  • What food do we serve at the party?
  • How do we keep X number of people busy, happy and fed?
  • What gifts would the kiddos be so excited to have?
  • What if it rains during the party?
  • Which of my kids liked vanilla more?
  • Does Kroger have their favorite characters?
  • Wait, how many kids are coming?!

We mamas seriously are superhuman. My husband can call me to ask which shelf, which drawer or which closet something is in and I can tell him. Names of doctors – got it. Names and dosages of medicines – on it, too. Names of friends and teachers and parents to help arrange parties and play dates – on that, too. Due dates for bills or surveys or anything else we do means we are tired.

Give us mamas a hug and send us to bed; our mama minds are tired.


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