Mirror, Mirror On the Wall {Learning to Love Yourself}


When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Have you REALLY taken a moment to look in the mirror? Or are you looking in the mirror to just get something from between your teeth, maybe pop a pimple, or pluck that one god awful black “wire”/bristled-type hair from your chin! If you haven’t had one of those, you’re so lucky!

Back to the mirror.


Our life is so fast-paced and your schedule is stacked with both essentials and non-essentials. COVID helped us slow things down but things are picking back up. And for all these reasons and more, I’m asking you to take a moment to just look in the mirror.

As a mom, an older woman of a young age of 38, I am learning to appreciate ME; who I am, what I am, and what my body looks like. Yes I still have my goals of being healthy and fit, however, that’s not to dismiss the transition or accepting what I look like now.

Will you take a walk with me on this journey? A journey of embracing and learning to love your body from the outside in?

  1. SET UP.
    • Set up your environment by your mirror that makes you feel relaxed and at peace. Maybe it’s a simple as playing some longe/spa music from Pandora or Spotify. Or maybe it’s just sitting in complete silence.
    • Get a full length mirror or put the mirror in an angle that you can see your entire body from head to toe.
    • Mentally you’re used to just looking in the mirror to do your day-to-day routine – morning and then night. You make sure your clothes look good and maybe decent enough to head out if need be. Maybe you don’t look in the mirror at all. So take this moment and just look at your face in the mirror and give your self permission to look at your body and admire what you’ve been blessed with. To be thankful for everything you have and who you are.
    • No judging. No criticizing. No bashes. No self-hating thoughts. You’re just here to observe who you are.
    • Now in the flesh with nothing on, look in a full length mirror. Look at your every freckle, line, crease, hair on your face. Tell yourself how beautiful everything is, one by one.
    • Eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheeks, upper lip, lips, chin, jaw line, ears, hairline, forehead. You’re beautiful.
    • Neck, clavicle, shoulders, upper chest, breasts, diaphragm, stomach, creases, rolls, scars, stretch mars, fingertips, hands, wrists, forearm, elbow, arm, back to shoulders. You are so gorgeous, sexy, and strong. You’ve carried so much over these years. You’ve been through so much, your heart may ache. You have carried a child at one point in time. You have been through much change over the years. What a beautiful thing your body has done for you ever step of the way. Hug yourself and thank your body for always being there for you. What confidence!
    • Belly button, pelvic area, hips, side of hips, glutes, low back, thighs, knees, legs, calves, ankles, heels, foot, toes, toe nails. How powerful! Your lower body has been carrying you through the thick and thin adventures of life. You’ve either moved forward or are pacing between the past and the future. What amazing strength and endurance! It has helped you carry you and a child for a certain amount of time. It has helped you climb mountains. It has helped you through life’s challenges and obstacle courses. Perfection. All of you… from head to toe – perfection.
    • Every mark, scar, tatoo, freckle, mole, hair, discolouration of skin pigment, or crease you may have has a story, has a meaning, makes you who you are. This is you. The more you love and appreciate who and what you are, the more the inside shows through and the taller you stand in confidence and with swag!

Love your body.

Love your curves.

Embrace and appreciate.

This activity can be 1 minute in the beginning but you should try to do this closer to 20-30 minutes. You’re just observing, reflecting, and embracing what you see with loving and eyes.

Try it for a few days, a week, a month… and see how you feel over time. It’s amazing! I can’t tell you what you’ll feel, but I know it’ll be better than what you do now.

Thanks for walking on this journey with me and looking in the mirror. Always remember that you are stunning from the inside and out. Your body is amazingly strong with much endurance. So give it some love and appreciation! This is your time to shine!!!


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