2021 Mom’s Guide to Fall on the Farm

This post is part of a partnership with our friends at Blooms & Berries Farm Market, but the opinions are 100% our own!

blooms and berries farm market fall on the farm

From downtown Cincy, it takes just about 45 minutes to get to Fall on the Farm at Blooms & Berries Farm Market out in Loveland. It is a gorgeous, scenic trip that transports you from city to country. Located less than five minutes from historic downtown Loveland, Fall on the Farm at Blooms & Berries offers the chance to escape the daily grind (especially in 2021!) and get lost in the charm of rural farm life – even if just for a short while! Fall on the Farm is in full swing September 18th through October 31st this season, and my daughter and I checked it out on opening day to help you plan your trip in advance.

CMC Mom Pro Tip: Two hours is NOT enough. Three still may not be enough time to enjoy it all. Get there earlier rather than later, if you can by securing your place online. Things wind down the last hour before closing, and the hot food will go quickly!

There are hours of fun to be had at Blooms & Berries Farm Market, where they are going above and beyond to make it truly feel like Fall is for Families. Admission is available exclusively online for no-contact timed ticketing, ensuring you can enjoy yourself without all the long lines. Make sure to reserve your ticket online before you visit. There’s the perfect selfie spot at the entrance with the Blooms & Berries truck, and there were no long lines to congest everything while trying to get your own picture in before walking up to one of their two check-in lines. The warm energy of the staff is felt through their caring voices and bright eyes that make you feel right at home.

Staff were active in making the rounds, waving to everyone, and cleaning up as they went. We even caught a quick glimpse of Farmer Jeff! There are hand sanitizer stations spread throughout the entire farm, which made it so easy to sanitize before grabbing grabbing our sweet treats or after playing some of the games.

CMC Mom Pro Tip: If you suffer from allergies (like I do!), make sure to take your preferred allergy remedy or medication BEFORE you get there.

For the “big kids” aka grown ups, the Beer Garden is open with snacks, beer, and NFL and FCC on the big screen and other games Fri-Sun every weekend. For all ages, the 7-acre corn maze (or Kids Maze), fresh apple cider, pumpkin patch hayrides, farm animals, pumpkin bounce pad, bee train rides, duck races, fall decor, and more that you have grown to love are all still there as well this year! NEW this year is the Barnyard 500 trike track, which is surrounded by whimsical animal characters (they are super cute!) and a covered bridge to ride through.

Click the image below to check out their new Pups, Pints, & Pumpkins happening September 24th from 5-8pm for a “howlin’ gourd time”!blooms and berries pups, pints & pumpkins


Fall on the Farm is advertised as “fun for ALL ages”, and it’s absolutely true. My tween was just as excited for all the games and farm animals as the rest of the adults, teens, young kids, and toddlers I saw running around! The duck race was my daughter’s favorite. “Mom! It’s like farmers in the old days when they had to pump their water. I’m really good at this! Oh, there are ducks – c’mon, let’s race!” She was so excited. And, she won of course, because my last duck was stuck at the top and couldn’t catch any water at first! 😂 She also honed in on the spider web and hopped in the middle when no else was on. I asked her if she was the spider, to which she replied, “No, I’m the prey!” Such a silly kid.

A wide variety of activities are available for every child (and child at heart). Here are my top picks for each age group:

  • Toddlers will love the hayride through the woods. They (and all the rest of us!) could be heard shouting, “Bird! Squirrel! Deer!” etc. throughout the first half of the hayride. You’ll understand when you ride it yourself. 😉 Be sure to check out Percy’s Little Pumpkin Patch of tiny pumpkins if your littlest ones want to choose a pumpkin they can actually carry. CMC Mom Pro Tip: Don’t miss Toddler Tuesdays – Toddlers are 1/2 off with every paying adult!

  • Pre-school kids will LOVE the Spookley the Square Pumpkin path walk. If you haven’t read that book, it’s a CMC favorite, and we love that B&B have devoted an activity to it! The sunflowers were still short and just starting to bloom when we went, so they will only get more beautiful as the season goes on.
  • School-aged kids will have a blast on the bee train! Adults can ride with smaller children, too. This age group will also love the smaller Kids Maze!
  • Older kids and adults will want to head straight to the 7-acre corn maze. More details to come for 2021’s corn maze design and game!

We learned that you can make it through the whole corn maze (without actually playing along with the game, obviously) in about 15 minutes. My kid said she likes a challenge. When we emerged from the maze, she threw her arms up and ran, yelling, “Freedom!!!” I’m sure not everyone’s child is as dramatic as mine haha! I loved catching a picture of her indecision on one of the trickier splits in the maze.

Other attractions include farm animals, play areas, lots of open space to run, a greenhouse with plants for sale (my daughter was most excited to finally spot scarecrows in there), and – of course – lots and lots of pumpkins in every size and so many colors! Plus, there are DOUBLE the sunflowers, which will begin to bloom in late September, early October. Click the image below for their Sips & Sunflowers event happening on September 30th from 5-8pm (for 21+)!

blooms and berries sips & sunflowersCMC Mom Pro Tip: Wait to pick your pumpkins until you do the hayride FIRST, and make sure you claim one of the many wheel barrels to lug those pumpkins around in – they can get heavy fast! We used our “Fall on the Farm” bracelets to pay for our pumpkins in the Garden Center, put them in the car, then head back in to enjoy the rest of the fun.

CMC Mom Pro Tip: There is a Cheerio dispenser by the farm animals (only way to feed them), so bring some quarters along if your kiddos like to pet AND feed the animals.


Fall on the Farm has all the Fall flavors you love: fresh apple cider, popcorn, baked goods, fudge, ice cream, and more! This year, they have Farmer Franks Hot Dog stand with hot dogs and brats, along with Coke products and chips. We got some pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and ate it at one of the picnic tables they had set up. It was delicious.

CMC Mom Pro Tip: If you want to get in on the hot food, make sure to get there earlier in the day rather than later! Also, you are welcome to pack your own lunch – just no glass containers or outside alcohol. 

There are awesome photo op spots when you head over to the stand with the hot food and before you get over to the Beer Garden. When you go through the barn, there is a gorgeous and airy setup of local artisan products (edible and otherwise) for sale in the barn. You can find really cool Fall and Halloween decorations in there as well. Be sure to take home a few Cincinnati-made sweets and treats before you weigh and pay for your pumpkins! In addition to the miniature pumpkins ($0.75-$1), you will find pie pumpkins in and around the barn as well to make your own fresh pumpkin bread and pie after you leave the Farm.


Monday-Sunday: 9:30AM- 7PM

CMC Mom Pro Tip: Hayrides start at 12PM Monday-Friday and 10AM Saturday-Sunday. The last wagon pulls out half an hour before close. Be sure to plan accordingly and keep an eye on the time!


For the ONLY way to get your reservation, check out www.FallOnTheFarm.com. Your admission gets you a whole day of Fall farm fun! Plus, Plus, Weekday Season Passes are back this year!

Monday-Friday: $10.95/person; Children under 2 FREE

Saturday-Sunday: $12.95-$14.95/person; Children under 2 FREE

*New this Year* Thursdays – ½ off Grandparents with Purchase of Regular Admission

blooms and berries grandparent ThursdayLocation

9669 South State Route 48
Loveland, Ohio 45140

For directions from Cincinnati, click here.

See you there!


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