Moms Night Out with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market!


Healthy Moms Night OutWe are excited to partner with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market and NaturallyNati Fitness & Nutrition to bring you a unique, health-focused Moms Night Out!

Fresh Thyme StoreWhen: Wednesday, November 4, 6-8p
Where: Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, 11349 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249
Cost: Only $7 per person! (Tickets are limited)

When you attend this Moms Night Out, you will enjoy:

  • A healthy grocery tour of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market!

  • Delicious food platters and food samples!

  • A presentation from Ashley of NaturallyNati Fitness & Nutrition on basic nutrition principles and useful tips for moms of busy families!

  • A “tool kit” of tips from Ashley to take home, including healthy substitute ideas, quick and healthy recipes, quick healthy snack ideas, and grocery shopping tips!

  • A reusable Fresh Thyme Farmers Market shopping bag!

  • Learning health tips and tricks through networking with other moms!

Fresh Thyme“We’ve combined the spirit of a weekend farmers market, and the convenience of a neighborhood store, with the nutritious offerings of a natural food marketplace to create a NEW and healthy shopping experience in the Midwest, which will nourish your body while your pocket book prospers.” – Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

Ashley NaturallyNati“The idea behind NaturallyNati Fitness & Nutrition LLC is to bring fun into your workout while ensuring the plan is tailored to meet your needs and goals. We offer in-home personal training, custom fitness and eating plans, boot camps and most importantly Fitness Parties! It’s like having a purse party without having the pressure of purchasing a product at the end of the event. Grab four or more of your closest friends and enjoy a one-hour fitness class in the comfort of your own home. Concepts of Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Circuit Training, Tabata, and Aerobic Dance can all be integrated into your party workout. After each session participants will receive a NaturallyNati Fitness & Nutrition goody bag, filled with healthy recipe ideas, at-home workouts and more!” – Ashley from NaturallyNati


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